s/o What is in you current car seat collection and where do they "live"?

Little Ps Mama

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In use:

Shadow Diono Radian RXT, passenger side outboard, '09 Sienna
Edgemont Dots MR65, drive side outboard, '09 Sienna

Beckett Nautilus, drive side outboard, '10 Fusion
Prentis MR65, passenger side outboard, '10 Fusion

In storage:

Bartlett MR65 (waiting to be mailed back to Graco for replacement)
Great Lakes CA65
Maui Blue FR85
Cherry Pie CCO
Eclipse SS1


ETA: I reeeeally need another babe for those extra seats. :love:


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ProSport-my car
EFTA-my mom
Avenue-my grandma
Scenera-my dad
Nauti-the post office (please come today...please)
Scenera-my trunk
Big Kid lbb-the closet

I think I'll give the Maestro to a grandparent and put the Nauti in my exes unless he pitches a fit that its pink *rollseyes* he wants a blue PS or FR


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Let's see...

1) An expired Chase or something similar that's somewhere in the garage.
2) An expired Peg infant seat. Also in the garage.
3) An Evenflo infant seat & base I "rescued" from Craigslist, DOM 1996, I think. Front porch.
4) A naked expired Evenflo frankenseat I've been playing with, hacking at the shell with a knife, generally experimenting on with ideas and unrealistic thoughts of inventing something new.
5) A NIB Complete Air 65 SE (garage) which I really *should* sell and even probably have a local buyer for but I'm stressing about it because it matches my infant seat...
6)... which brings us to the Onboard Air SE which was DD's infant seat and its extra base, parked in the camp trailer
7) Britax Roundabout 55, camp trailer
8) SK Radian 80SL, camp trailer
9) Britax Frontier 85, camp trailer, (new, but out of the box)
10) Diono Monterey, NIB, camp trailer
11-13) Two NIB Radian R120s and an RXT, two of which are shipping out in the mail this afternoon, front porch (ETA: These three have all been shipped out to their new homes, so I guess that means I'm down to 13 car seats!)
14) Radian RXT, installed in Suburban
15) Combi Coccoro, installed in the Civic
16) Evenflo Amp NBB, NIP, trunk of the honda

I think that's it.
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I have one DD (2years 4 months) and a 2 and a half year old girl I babysit daily. I have:
MyRide 65 in Coda, MyRide65 in grey/green that I don't know the name of, Radian XTSL in Nitro, Evenflo Titan Elite, and a Nautilus in Julia and one in Daisy?

Installed I have:
My car: 2011 Mazda3
MR65 Coda RF behind driver and GN daisy outboard passenger side

DH's 2006 GMC Sierra extended cab:
RN XTSL RF outboard passenger side

My mom's 2011 Mercury Mariner:
MR in the green/grey RF outboard drivers side

The GN in Julia is stored in my laundry room, as is the Evenflo Titan Elite that will go to my friend who now needs a seat.
I am ready to switch things up and want a Britax RA50 or 55 or a BLVD70 and a TFP to RF DD and then I'll put O in the MR in my car and K(DD) in the Britax.


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Not much

FN85- Cowmoo and livia covers
TFP-Black Elegance
Evenflo Big Kid booster-pink and gray

In my car is the FN85 in livia and TFP. IN the dinig room is the 80 and booster. The booster is just for emergencies, we bought it when we got in our accident and we were waiting for our insurance check. I got the 80 with the insurance check but quickly found I didnt really love it like the TFP so I ordered that. The TFP will be used untilmy youngest reaches 35lbs then we will use the 80. If it happens around her 4th birthday then both will be sold and a FN will be purchased probably.


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In my car -
Nautilus (harness mode)

DH's car -


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One rxt for my 22 month old son (current)
One b-safe for baby girl I nanny (current)
One marathon 70 (currrently unused but will be switching out the b-safe for this soon)


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In my car (2011 Odyssey)
1 Maestro
1 Monterrey
1 backless Monterrey
3 Literiders (in the trunk- M and K's spares and J's "emergency spare")

In DH's car (1998 Saturn)
RF Scenera40

In the garage
E's spare MyRide
I's spare Maestro
J's spare HBTB
2 Nautilus
1 Frontier
1 Compass booster
1 Literider
1 Apex


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In my Caravan:
FR85 Livia (DD)
Cobalt RXT (DS)
Plum RXT (baby DD)

In the CRV currently:
Turbobooster (DD)
Spring RXT (DS)
Primrose 80SL (baby DD)

Not in cars:
Clek Oobr julius faux hawk (selling)
classic marathon with blue all star cover

I am debating selling the primrose 80SL, and getting 2 narrower FFing harnessed seats for the CRV since DD cannot sit nicely in a booster.


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My van:
Vivo (crimson)
MA70 (onyx)
CarGo (grey)
Scenera (brown)
Big Kid (tan pad)

Dh's car:
Big Kid (tan pad)/hb Turbo Elite- depends on which kid is with me
MR (Mavo)
Monterey (Blue)

TFP (bionic splash)
PWSG (onyx)
Cosco nbb (blue camo)

FIL's car:
Compass B540 (retro rails stripe)
Maestro (henderson)

Tribute Sport and whatever seat I am not using in my van, either the big kid nbb or hb turbo.

There is also an Aton here waiting for my sister's bean.


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Okay, I obviously do not have enough seats!!:D

Right now I have:

'06 Kia Sedona (mine)

FF Recaro Euro (DS2)
RF Recaro ProRide (DD)
RF SR30 (waiting for the new baby)

'01 Honda Accord (DH)

RF MA65 (DD)

I have a 2nd base for the SR30 for DH's car if ever needed.

I also have a Maestro as a back up for DS2. I need a back up for DD and the noob. DH disagrees.


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Primary seats, currently in a 2010 Mazda CX-7:

FFing Radian R100, wearing an XTSL Flora cover, for 3 year old DD1
RFing Combi Coccoro, Carrot Cake, for 10 month old DD2

Seconday seats, in a 2006 Mazda 3:

Tilla Nautilus, for DD1
RFing Evenflo Triumph 65 in Oh! for DD2

Spares in my house:

Butterfly TF in the dining room
Hannah Prosport in the basement
Radian 65SL, Dune/Champagne in its box in the dining room
Avenue, the Abby cover, shoved in a closet
Keyfit 30 w/Fuego and Miro covers, for a baby I'm TTC, in its box in the basement

Loaned to SIL:

SR35 in Laguna Bay
MA65 in Tribecca (pretty much a gift, don't expect to get it back)
another Abby Avenue (same as above)

In MIL's possession/car:

Titan Elite, Raceway
Symphony 65 to be shared between cousins (she paid for half)


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Main car: 05 hyundai elantra

rfing sk xtsl
chicco keyfit 30

Secondary vehicle: 04 chevy silverado ext cab

rfing evenflo tribute sport
rfing britax ra55


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In my car, 2011 Ford Flex:

RXT rfing for DS (2)
Harmony backless for DD (8)
Turbobooster for DS (6)

Spares I have are:

Scenera 40RF (In DH strictly offroad Jeep)
Maestro, which I loaned to my sister, but am getting back this week
Snugride 30 in the closet for ??
Turbobooster (In DH Jeep)

I also have a crashed Radian (in my unused dining room) waiting for the next BRU event, just in case I know somebody who needs something then.

I expect to add 2 more boosters to my collection as I'm trying to find a way to get DD out of the backless....


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Currently (it could change tomorrow!)

My car (2007 ford freestyle)
Complete air 65 sl ff
Complete air 65 sl rf
Turbo booster
Avenue (spare not installed, just hanging out in the back in case I need to get an extra kid)

Dh's car (2000 toyota corolla)
Harmony dreamtime

Radian xtsl
Frontier 85
....I know.....


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Living in the Jeep: Radian RTX and Nautilus
Living in the closets: Classic Marathon and Complete Air


CPST Instructor
In my 2007 T&C:
Frontier -harness
Prosport -harness

DH's 2-door GTI
Harmony Dreamtime

DH's Truck

Spares/outgrown in the garage:
2 Nautilus


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We have:

2011 VW Routan:
Pink Monterey booster...soon to be replaced with the purple Harmony Cruz that's in the stow space in the floor by that seat.
Cuddle MyRide, RF

2006 jeep Liberty:
Pink Harmony LiteRider
Britax Roundabout 50, RF

Extra seats:
True Fit (spare for DD2, I may try using it again soon)
Amp booster
Harmony LiteRider
Backless Turbo, still NIB


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Check that. The cardinal parkway is now in the house and the MA is installed rear facing to use for my friend's 1 1/2 yr old tomorrow. He's normally forward facing (I've tried ;)), but with me he rides rear facing. :D I'm hoping he'll love it and be super happy and they'll swap him back to rear facing. ;)

The seats in constant use...

3 FR 85's - onyx, maui, and livia with a spare cowmoo cover- One in each vehicle I own and one in the laundry room for my mom's car when she has DS

3 PW SGL's - cowmoo, cardinal, and cloudburst- 2 in my suburban and one in the trunk of my car for when I need to pick up a big kid from school in it

1 BLVD 70 - cowmoo - installed in suburban

(Are we seeing a theme here yet? ;))

As backups I have a TB in the garage, and a literider and cruz in the laundry room.

Uninstalled I have a NIB Maestro in Highlight that is for my nephew next month, a MA 65 (sagey green plush cover, don't know name) that expires in May currently in my living room, and 2 infant seats that my girls use for their dolls. One is a Graco Snugride 22 and the other is an Evenflo Discovery. They're supposed to live in my girls' closet, but more often they're in the living room with babies in them.


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In my Yukon xl I have a cowmoo fr85, cowmoo bv70, Julius clek oobr, 2 black clek ozzis.

In closets in my house:
Classic marathon, cowmoo (Hannah for sale)
2 os parkways, 1 spare cover
Blue opal probooster
No back turbo
Lite rider

I think that's it ;)

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