s/o What is in you current car seat collection and where do they "live"?


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Here's mine:
2 Frontier 85s--Maui and Cowmoo
Diono RXT--Shadow, soon to be Plum
2 MyRides-Alma and Resa
Marathon Classic-Allison
Triumph 65-Oh
Scenera 40-Pink Flowers
2 Scenera 35s-Both Pink as well (I don't know the names of the Scenera covers!)

6 seats are installed for my kids:
My vehicle-2005 Hyundai Santa Fe-RXT and CCO
DH's-2004 Hyundai Accent-Cowmoo FR85 and Alma MR
My mom's-2004 Buick Century-Maui FR85 and Resa MR

The two Scenera 35s are on loan to a friend.

The Triumph65, Scenera 40 and Marathon are stored on back porch. (It's an enclosed 3 season porch) They are spares for my kid's and for when I watch my friend's DD (1-2 x month) I'll also be starting to watch another friend's baby 2-3 days a week soon and will use one of them for her.

On my porch I also have an expired Dorel 3 in 1 from Freecycle to use for the next Trade In Event and an expired Graco base.


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I have an expired eddie bauer 3 in 1 living on my porch...lol
A coccoro that I need to sell living in my dd's closet.
A radian xt living in my sons room. (Spare seat)
A myride living in my dd's room. (Spare seat)

And a cybex booster that my ds is currently using in the car...and a kiddy world plus that my dd is currently using.


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Ohhhh, fun post!

My set up changes often but, here is what ours is as of now.

2003 dodge ram quad cab
Cow advocate 70 and cow frontier 85

2006 Mazda 5
Daytona rxt, red monterey
3Rd row ra 55, ma 70 both onyx


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In my van:
2 radian 80s, old style parkway, frontier 85, harmony cruz, and a seat I don't care to identify.

Demo/Collection Seats In the garage (not for use with children)
Cosco Commuter, Mambo Dreaming Baby, 2 evenflo embraces, evenflo discovery, safety 1st designer 22, graco snugride 20 (I'm going to recycle this one soon), evenflo titan, britax bodyguard (so sad to move this to the collection)

The rest, which vacillate between dh's vehicle, the house, garage, and van:

recaro vivo, 2 olds style parkways, true fit premier, britax marathon, 2 harmony literiders, cosco ambassador, nania high ride, small rstv, and large rstv

Oh, for sale I have 4 radian rxts. I have a coccoro coming, which I may keep for use or may sell. I have to play with it to see how I like it.


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My grand caravan2001.
Probooster, GN harness mode, fr85 harness mode, tribute rf

Dhs explorer 2 dr 2000

GN harnessed, lite rider

auto correct hates me


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In my car, FFing SKJP XT for Peter, originally Flora but currently in Nitro. RFing Diono RXT in Shadow for Jasper. In DH's car, harnessed Nautilus for P and a RFing My Ride for J. Safeseat and a Diono Monterey in the basement.


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I have a shadow Oobr, Nautilus (pink flowers) and cowmoo Marathon 70 in my car for the kids.

I had a HBTurbo, RA50 and Radian65SL in DH's car (all boring covers I can't recall the name of) but I'm letting a member here borrow the RN for a couple weeks so the onyx ParkwaySG came out of our attic and is in the living room. Hopefully we won't have to use DH's car but if we do, DD1 will use DS's Turbo and DS will use the PKWY.

Oh, and there's a Bubble Bum and Literider in the way back of my car. Just 'cause. :p


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In my car right now I have a Cowmoo FR85 and an Eliza Argos.

I have a Monterey in my friend's Sienna, which she is using for her 6 year old nephew.

In the office I have a MR in Chadwick and a Retro Geo TFP. In the guest room there is a TB Elite in Ben.

In our single car garage I have a RN RXT in Plum and a PWSG in Cowmoo.

I need to keep the MR and TFP, at least until next month. My SD is going out of the country and all of the grandparents are taking turns watching Ethan and Chase and one of them needs to borrow my seats. After that, I'd like to get rid of those and maybe get a Zebra BLVD 70. Something a little smaller since it's for Chase and Owen, both of whom are small and should fit just fine RF in it until 3.


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MA70 in my Impala, wearing Allison right now with Onyx cover as backup.

TF in DH's Jeep, wearing Sticks and Stones (I love that cover so much I don't think I could ever use another one).

Pink flowery Scenera at the sitter's. Stored in a closet when not in the car. It also gets used as a spare for her DD so she doesn't have to move their AOE if they go somewhere with family or me (we are close friends).

Crashed AOE (naked, sold the cover) and Designer 22 with extra base living in my parents' garage. Saving those to trade in whenever we decide to try for #2.


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EFT in my Malibu. The MR is J's daily seat that gets moved around depending on who's babysitting him that day. His spares are a Tribute and an Argos sitting in the spare bedroom in his mom's apartment.


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In my car right now I have a GN and high back TB.

In my laundry room I have two low back TBs, a Literider, and a KF 30. My CCO is on loan right now.

I have a VERY, VERY expired Gerry infant seat and a Cosco HBB harnessed seat at my parents' house, waiting for another BRU trade in.


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I have 1 living child - 4 years, 40 inches, 38 lbs

I currently have:
SKR XTSL RF center in 2007 Saturn Ion
Multi Tech RF behind passenger seat, center row 1999 Chrysler T&C
SKR XT sitting in my other bedroom, likely to be lent to my BFF for the summer

JUST gave my Comfort Sport to a friend low on funds who just got a second vehicle. It had been in the other bedroom with the XT.


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In cars:
2 Nautilus
Cobalt RXT
Titan (friend is borrowing)
Vivo (friend is borrowning)
Vivo in SIL's car
FR85 Livia, Sofi's primary seat
Safety 1st Go in the trunk of my van
Clek Olli in my trunk
Team Tex backless in my trunk
Harmony Literider in my trunk
Bubble Bum in my trunk
Pink Diono Monterey in my 3rd row

Daytona RXT on its way to me in the mail

In my storage unit:
Cybex Solutions X-fix
Livia Parkways SGL
True Fit Premiere
Roundabout 40
Classic MArathon
Graco Cargo
Almost dead SR22
Rear adjust SR22 that I can't get anyone to take off my hands
Shuttle 33
High Back Turbobooster in jenna
Oobr I can't seem to sell
SAfeguard Child Seat

Random places around my house:
RSTV in the living room toy basket
2 backless turbo boosters in the computer room closet
high back turbo booster on the dresser in the computer room
Literider somewhere in the basement
Cosco Highrise in the computer room closet

Emi's Mommy

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I have an 18.5 month old. And as for seats:

An onyx marathon in a 2008 Dodge Avenger(my car)
A streamer my ride in a 2007 Dodge Charger(DH's car)
A Scenera in a 2001? Chevy Malibu(DHP's car)
A complete air in a 2007 Toyota Yaris(my mom's car)

And in my basement....
A true fit(not liking the install in my car so it waits for kid #2 and a new car for me)
A first years via(waiting for our yet to be conceived #2)

I have too many seats for the number of cars and children I have :p


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We have a advocate 65-cowmoo, a scenera lx-black and grey?, and a black safety first ca!
We have only one vehicle but, the advocate is in my dads jeep( he's on holidays for a month so we have it), an the CA is in our 2007 Dodge Ram, the scenera is for our John Deere Gator when spring comes and we chase cows! :) the advocate goes in the dodge when we don't have the jeep, it's my favorite seat for installation an use!


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The seats in constant use...

3 FR 85's - onyx, maui, and livia with a spare cowmoo cover- One in each vehicle I own and one in the laundry room for my mom's car when she has DS

3 PW SGL's - cowmoo, cardinal, and cloudburst- 2 in my suburban and one in the trunk of my car for when I need to pick up a big kid from school in it

1 BLVD 70 - cowmoo - installed in suburban

(Are we seeing a theme here yet? ;))

As backups I have a TB in the garage, and a literider and cruz in the laundry room.

Uninstalled I have a NIB Maestro in Highlight that is for my nephew next month, a MA 65 (sagey green plush cover, don't know name) that expires in May currently in my living room, and 2 infant seats that my girls use for their dolls. One is a Graco Snugride 22 and the other is an Evenflo Discovery. They're supposed to live in my girls' closet, but more often they're in the living room with babies in them.


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my durango:



maestro on loan
cco in the dining room
chaperone in Tuck's room waiting to be sold

there may be some other seat buried in tuck's room, but i've downsized a lot.


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For DD (6yo): Parkway SGL, Vivo, Harmony Literider
For DS (4yo): Frontier80, Frontier 85, Safeguard Go

In my car (Saturn Outlook) - PWSGL & FR85
In our truck (Dodge Dakota) - Vivo & FR80
In my closet - the Safeguard GO, in DD's closet - the Harmony NBB

Last month I got rid of our 2 almost expired MA's. It's so nice to only have 2 small seats to store in the house.


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In my van, 2 Livia Frontiers, one is harness mode the other in booster.

In DH's van, a Pink Sky Frontier 80 for DD2 and a Red Rock Frontier 85 for DD1, both in harness mode, but might switch DD1 to booster in there soon, it is just really hard to get to the buckle.

At Grammy's(MIL) and used in her highlander when she has the kids, but otherwise living in her garage, we have an Evenflo Gen 65 for DD2 and a TB for DD1.

And that is actually the only seats we own at the moment. I don't even have any dead freecycle finds in the garage!


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OK, I'll give it a shot:

almost-dead MA (another month and a half) in denim, also have a granite cover
Uptown in blue plushy fabric (no clue)
2 Sceneras in ugly plaid, lol
Radian80 in SuperCool, also have a granite cover
XTSL in... red (Nitro?)
Complete Air in Harvest
Regent in Cougar and also have a Sahara cover that it came with
HB Turbo (the planes/trains Target cover)
HB Turbo - (girly grey with pink/purple flowers)
Vivo in grey/pink Lite (also have a black/tan plushy cover)
Cybex X-fit in black
Diono Monterey in Red/black
Harmony Literider in pink


Both Sceneras and the Uptown never see the light of day :p They're back-up giveaway seats. Both Turbos I gave to my neighbor to "try out", but I don't need or expect them back - they can use them as long as they want. The Harvest CA never gets use either because for some reason it causes DS to get carsick :sick: The Regent also isn't getting use right now, because DD is doing well in her boosters.

In my 2011 T&C:
Diono Monterey and XTSL (both red/black, and my van is red with all-black interior :love:)

Oh, and the literider lives in my trunk. :p

In DH's 2000 Honda CR-V:
Almost-dead MA.

In Grandparent's 2009 Subaru Legacy:
Cybex X-fit
Radian80 with angle adjuster (yes, it's REALLY upright)

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