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My son is 5.5 and we are excited to to leave the carseat at home for an upcoming plane trip, and use the RSTV we just got! It's Version 2, small. Unfortunately I don't have very current stats on him, but he's probably 47 lbs or so. And he's always been in about the 95th percentile for height, so is probably 47-48" tall. He carries most of his height in his legs and seems to have an average to short torso.

The way his knees interact with the edge of the vehicle seat cushion tends to pull him into a slouch, so I suggested that he try sitting cross-legged. What do you all think about that?

The lap belt wanted to bunch up against the guides, as you can see in the third picture. We were able to get it flatter for the last picture.

Also, what do you think about the shoulder belt covering the vest's buckle? It isn't like that in any of the pictures on the SafeRide4Kids website, but it ends up like that on him, in this car.


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The lap belt looks very high in most of the pictures, a little better in the last one. Is the vest riding up, or is there not enough height in the torso?

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The vest is probably riding up some. There is a gap at the shoulder that I was also going to ask about, when I can get some more pics.


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Here it is in our other car. I put on the crotch strap this time, which I do think helps hold it down.

My guy is so skinny that if I were to wrap the vest completely tight around him, the velcro on the main part would not attach and one belt guide on the lap part would be covered up. You can see this extra space in the first picture - the elastic side isn't stretched at all and the webbing has some slack. I imagine this has to be OK, though -- otherwise how on earth would it fit a 30 lb child?

I do like how the vest's buckle isn't covered up by the shoulder belt, with the vest pulled down more and in this other car.

In the previous car, the lap belt wanted to bunch up, but in this car, it didn't lie flat, as seen in picture #3.

The last three pictures show the gap at his shoulders. It started like picture #4 and then progressed to #5 after a few minutes.


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I'm no RSTV expert, but I don't like the lap belt fit at all in any of the pics in the first post. And wouldn't be comfortable with that for my own child. I'd rather a NBB than what I'm seeing there.

They look a little better in the second set of pics.

Problem is, do you know what car you'll have while on vacation?


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We were attracted by the RSTV's compactness. I don't think he's really ready for the freedom of a backless booster, and carrying on the base of a highback and packing the back in a suitcase sounds cumbersome. The RSTV is so light and small in comparison! And it seems more constraining, particularly if you use the top tether on version 2.

He's mostly harnessed at home. Has an Affix in my car that he does well in for very short trips -- but knows that I'll put him back in the SureRide if he doesn't follow the booster rules. In general we have a LOT of trouble with defiance/disobedience/lagging skills/whatever you want to call it.


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You know, I think there are weird camera tricks involved. This is in our rental car (a Toyota Corolla). I thought it looked really good. The bottom section is down flat against his thighs. It's 90° to the main part of the vest. But it sure doesn't look that way in the picture!


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I think I'd be more likely to get a Bubble Bum.

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Me too. FWIW my oldest is about the same size and loves her BB. It's a great fit on humped middle seats.

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