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My DD is 3 years and 3 months old. She currently rides rf in all vehicles. I drive an Outback, and she rides in a Pria 85 in my car. The seat is outboard, because we also have a large dog who frequently rides in the back with her. Overall she's a peanut, but she's recently had a growth spurt and now I'm constantly smacking her head when I load her into the car. She isn't able to climb into the car seat on her own in this car.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would you turn that one seat around?


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If you want to keep her RF, can you swap car seats from another vehicle if it's easier to get her in without bonking her head?


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Would she be able to climb into the car seat on her own if you let her in from the other side and she crawled across the vehicle seat?


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Would she be able to climb into the car seat on her own if you let her in from the other side and she crawled across the vehicle seat?

Wondering this - or, from the side her Pria is on: crawl under RF seat in footwell area, climb up into center seat and then into Pria. You can stand at the door.


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I have a Roundabout or a Marathon I can try, but I'm assuming those would be harder to get her in. I took the Boulevard out of our Pilot because it was starting to get difficult to get her in the seat. I put a Diono in the Pilot, which is easy for her to get in and out of, but It takes up too much room in the Outback.

I should have also mentioned. This is the car I drive daily, and most often in the morning she is crying and shouting about something (this morning she was cold, and it was like 70 degrees out, yesterday her back hurt) so if I don't physically place her in her seat she won't just compliantly hop in. She is fine once we get to daycare, but she gives me a REALLY hard time every morning.

I've even started loading the bags in first and going back to the house and getting her to put her in the car.


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I tried to have her crawl this morning and she climbed directly into the front seat which only increased the morning hysteria. She then cried all the way to daycare and clung to my leg when I dropped her off which she has never done before.

I'm pretty sure I tried the angle adjuster, but I'll try again. It's a Diono Olympia and if I recall correctly meets the front seat in a weird place.


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I installed the Diono over the weekend. I managed to maneuver the recline on the front passenger seat to give the passenger an adequate amount of room. With the Diono I can both load her in without bonking her head and if she's in a compliant mood (meaning its not a morning when I'm shuttling her to daycare) she can climb into the seat on her own.

Thanks for the suggestions. Sometimes I just need someone else to point out the obvious for me.


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Glad you got it worked out! My DD goes through phases of car seat hysterics and it's so draining, especially when you're in a rush and heading off to work. :(
I hope the hysterics phase is short lived for us both! :)


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The plus side is it's not car seat hysterics. She is typically fine with her actual car seat.

The downside is it's morning hysterics. My husband just switched careers and is now working as a realtor. Her entire life he's been home every night no later than 6:30. Now some days she only sees him in the morning. He is working hard to make his first sale, but the inconsistency has been really hard on her. Every morning that I have to bring her to daycare she pitches a complete fit, starting from the moment she realizes it's a daycare day and only ending when I've peeled her from my leg and the front door is closed. She says she misses us all the time. Daycare says during downtime, like lunch she will often start crying and say she misses us, which she hasn't done since she first started going. Before my husband switched jobs drop off was fine. I'm hoping things will settle once I'm home for the summer.

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