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The Recaro Como is dare I say "Sophisticated". Lightweight, but yet sturdy and solid feeling. Seems to be very well designed with SIP(Side Impact Protection) in mind.

The seat at first glance is very "luxurious" looking with nice plush velour like fabric. Nice "Recaro" emblems in various locations on the seat for an added touch.

It seems to be in a class of it's own. Higher slots than the Marathon, yet narrower than the Regent. The Deep side wings give it the illusion of being narrow, but it is two inches wider than the Marathon at the widest point.

The sides are extra deep at 8 inches, vs. 4 inches on the Marathon. (I will be using the Marathon as a comparision seat, since it is very well known). The EPS foam is located in the side of the seat. The head bolster and thigh bolster are a very nice touch, and my 3 1/2 year old seemed to like them (she is pictured without these though). At some point the bolsters may be removed based on the size of the child.

Rear-facing for a newborn I would see the use of Pool noodles being necessity. It does install at an angle but not the 45 degrees required for a young infant. The install for both forward and rear-facing (latch or seatbelt) very nice and easy.

The Como retails for $249.99.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. If you have specific questions about this seat, or need more detailed info let me know.

Features of seat:

-Loop on belly pad to help dig it out from under child.
-Extra long shoulder pads, with grippy on bottom to stay secure on child.
-Easy Recline handle
-Air Ventilation on sides for child
-Smooth base with rounded edges
-Lock-offs for rear-facing and forward-facing
-Deep sides
-EPS foam
-nice fabric
-Top slots at 19inch
-Bottom slots at 10 inch
-Head bolster
-Thigh Bolster
-Snap bottom for adjusting strap(so child can't grab it)
-owner's manual pocket.



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Thanks for the review.
May I ask, how tall is the seat (where their bottoms go) from the floor? How about the Marathon's? I just wanted a comparison of this. I know that many, myself included have commented on how it loos like it would be harder to get in and out of, but in the pic it really doesn't look that much, if any higher than the MA.

Again, thanks! Great work!!:D


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Melissa, How wide is it in the shoulder area? How deep is the seating area? I am wondering how much deeper it is than the Boulevard/Marathon seats. Does it seem like a deeper seat overall? I am curious if it will stick out farther in the car and if Karley would be closer to the front passenger seat (and kicking her brother's seat) :D The seat kind of reminds me of the Graco Safeseat 2 with the wide wings and shape. I know that people have said that the Graco Safe seat is a very deep seat overall. Let us all know. Thanks!


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yay, I am so excited that my Como has shipped! Thanks Melissa for all of the great photos, it is very helpful for me to see it next to the Marathon (we have one FPSVD and one BV currently).

Dawn (doing a Happy Dance around my office) cool!:


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The Recaro Como is dare I say "Sophisticated". Lightweight, but yet sturdy and solid feeling. Seems to be very well designed with SIP(Side Impact Protection) in mind.
Glad to hear "sturdy" applies. Some previous models might not have earned that description. Just out of curiousity, where is it manufactured?

It will also be interesting to see people's experiences with Recaro customer service, now that a new wave of highly anticipated models is being released.


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which ones weren't considered sturdy? the new comos/signos are made in china.
I have generally not been highly impressed with the quality of various Recaro models. That's not to say any are poor or unsafe at all, just my personal opinion of those I've owned (Young Style, Start),those I've installed and feedback from a few other parents/techs. I had the same opinion about Nania products, though some of those were clearly in another league. I still use my Nania backless booster though the cover fell off long ago. The Airway is my cat's favorite perch and coated by years of hair accumulation in the unfinished basement utility area lol.

Perhaps I've just seen a bad sampling of models, since most people seem to be very impressed by them.

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Thank you, that is very helpful!

You don't happen to have more pics of it RF, do you? Or with a kiddo in the seat? I'm trying to judge how my tall 2yo would fit in it RF. How do the slots compare to those on the Radian?


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Thanks for the review. Were you able to install all 3 seats (MA/Radian/Como) across the third row of your Ody? I can't tell for certain from the photos if they're installed or just positioned side by side, lol. And how easily does the Como install in general?


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What is the height from the seat to the top of the shell? What is the width that it takes up on the seat?
The last two photos show the height of the seat to the top of the shell. Coincidently, the seat sits lowers ( in my van) than the Marathon (please see above photos)

Are the air vents covered by eps foam or just the cover?
The EPS Foam has the same slits as the plastic for the air vents.

You don't happen to have more pics of it RF, do you? Or with a kiddo in the seat? I'm trying to judge how my tall 2yo would fit in it RF. How do the slots compare to those on the Radian?
Those are my only photos of it rf'ing. Since the seat is deeper, the child will probably sit more in the seat rf'ing then in the Marathon :thumbsup:

Can you be more specific with your question regarding the Radian and slots.

are you going to keep the como in stalled in your car for a few days? i'm curious of the couple of reports so far of loosening up with lap belt installations.
The seat I did a review on is a floor model for the store.
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Thanks for the pictures! Some of the more "common" information would be helpful here, too, especially since I wanted to send a link to this post to a friend who's looking at getting one... (i.e. weight limits, harness slot heights, etc...)

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