Replacing Seatbelts


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Has anyone had to replace seatbelts before? I need to replace at least 2 of the belts in our '95 Ford Explorer (rear passenger, and passenger).

How much does this cost (just ballpark)?

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I'm curious about this too because while we were puppy-sitting my brother-in-law's pup he chewed the middle seatbelt in our Subaru Outback :doh:


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We paid $150 to have one replaced in dh's VW. VW's tend to be more expensive to fix, of course, and we paid for labor in this case as well, which might not be necessary in an older vehicle, if you're handy.


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I was looking into it a bit, and was surprised at how inexpensive the "universal" aftermarket seatbelts are. Are these belts approved in some way? Is it better to order the proper manufacturers replacement belt, or are they all the same, safety-wise? They certainly don't LOOK as nice, but that doesn't bother me.

In my case, I'm thinking an aftermarket belt would be fine because it's JUST the webbing that needs replacing (no retractors or buckles involved as long as I can swap the latchplate), but I'm going to talk to a guy I know in the parts dept. Our rabbit took a few nibbles of the "tail" of the lap belt :rolleyes:. So it's not urgent, because it's not on a part that's being used right now, but I'd still like an intact belt.


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Did you go to the VW dealer to have it done?

In my case, I should call the nearest Ford dealer, correct?

I'm a bit excited because I'd like to have tether hooks installed too, for future situations AND in case we have to take anyone anywhere.


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My belt/retractor combos were $98 ea for parts alone on my Odyssey post-crash. I'm not sure how much labour was--insurance paid and I didn't look at that portion. I have four seatbelts to replace in the coming year on my Landcruiser, so I'm hoping they won't be more than that :)



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Yeah, we just took it to the dealer. We have a local guy who does most of the work on the VW for us, but he's, uh, "creative" enough I didn't trust him with the seatbelt.


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I paid around 250$ last year to replace one belt.:eek: My dog chewed the webbing. I called multiple dealers and shops. I even got a discount on the belt. It was only available as a unit. The labor was higher and the dealer, but each of the shops really recommended taking to the dealer due to airbags and sensors and such. One offered to try and then if needed I could take it to the dealer. Since the belts were so critical, I just went to the dealer. I still need to replace the passenger side one, but havn't had the money. I have an 07 toyota prius.


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FWIW, you may want to verify first that you don't have locking latchplates in those outboard positions. I'm 99% certain you do, despite the ALR in the center.


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We did one a while back, and there were actually variations in price based on the colour of the webbing. The cheapest Ford one was $70 IIRC.


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I hope that they're not too expensive! Do I have to do it at Ford? I'm not sure I'd trust anyone else- we live in Chicago and I'm not sure I'd trust one of our rinky-dink shops to do it.. but then again I don't know all of what the work entails. It could be an easy peasy job.

If I were to get it done at Ford I'd save the top tether anchor retrofit for another time- although it's free, I'd hate for them to tack on labor for it. Yeesh :(


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Depending on the location and type of belt any where from $30-120 for just the belt. It takes no time at all to do and very basic knowledge. Is your center just a lap belt? If so cheap and easy.

Mostly likely you would need a star driver and socket. Order the belts from your local dealer and put them in yourself.

It is easier than changing a tire.

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