Rental Car - Dodge Charger (or Similar) and Three Across with a Radian - will it work?


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We are taking our gang to Disneyland and I am trying to sort out the car seats. We are renting a "full size" car which is listed as being a Dodge Charger or similar. We will be travelling with DS #'s 1 and 2 (6 and 7 years old) in LBB's. -- I can't recall right now but I think they are graco. (The ones that have to have screws in the arms AND yes our screws are in :) ) DS #3 will be 6 months. We can either bring a Radian 65 or Generations. I find both hard to instal in our cars at the best of times am I setting myself up for a HUGE problem trying to get 3 across in a Charger and will the Radian (which I would prefer because it is more narrow) have enough room to instal without the driver wraping his knees around his ears? (Needless to say this is the situation with the Radian in our car - lol) OR I can bring the generations BUT I am worried that it will be too wide and/or the lock offs won't close. (Like in our car - don't worry it's in our truck.)
I know I am overly worried and over thinking but I need some advice.


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The Generations is a forward facing only seat, and I don't think it has lockoffs. Can you take a peek again as to what seat you're talking about?

At six months he won't need a full 45 degrees, and that car may be wide enough for the top of the Radian to fit between the two front seats. And some people have had luck with a Radian rear facing on an airplane, but most have not, and at six months he must rear face on the plane, too.


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I just wanted to chime in and say the back seat of a charger is huge front to back. You should have no problem rf a radian there. My uncle has one and one time I borrowed it and had 2 nautilus' and a rf boulevard back there, wish I had pictures. I don't think you should have a problem with those seats in that vehicle.


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Yes sorry - NOT a generations :doh: That seat stays home.
Truefit - LOL.

So my question is - What of these would work better in a three across in a rental car - Should be a Dodge Charger (or similar?)

We are bringing 2 LBB -
I almost wish we were bringing the generations for DS age 6 BUT he can sit well so I need to let go :)

We also need to bring a rear-facing seat either a radian which as we all know needs lots of room front to back (as I mentioned DH can't even drive my car anymore with it in the middle) OR a truefit which is smaller in length but wider AND can be difficult to install with the lock-offs. (It is not compatible with my car so we use it in our truck only.)

My other option is to borrow or buy used an infant bucket with no base. I was offered one but it was a second hand CL seat when they got it so it scares me!

Someone has chimed in that there is lots of room front to back in the charger so that is great - would everyone then agree the radian?



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If you're willing to spend a little money, I'd get a Scenera. It's narrow so it'll fit. It's fairly tall, but not up on a base so it'll fit front to back. No lockoffs, no rear facing foot to lose in transit. And it'll fit rear facing on the plane.

The True Fit would fit on the plane with the armrest up, but it may be tight in a three across. The Radian would fit in the three across and front to back, but possible not on the plane rear facing. So neither is ideal.

If it's between the Radian and the True Fit, the Radian I think. Just don't lose the foot because it'll be impossible to replace.


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