Recommendation Please! I need someone good in Boise, Idaho


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Here's the story...
One of my highschool friends just had her first child at 41. She's been caught as part of the recession, and her husband had been laid off and is job searching. They went to their hospital's car seat program and used it. They've got a Scenera. However, the tech who did the install only installed it for them, didn't teach them how to do it. They've got to move the seat around from vehicle to vehicle and it's flip-flopping all over the place. I've made some recommendations thru the internet, but she can't post pics & that makes it harder.

Does anyone here live there & would you allow me to pass along your contact info to her?



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Defrost lives about 45 minutes from Boise and is frequently in Boise. I am certain she would be willing to meet with them.

The problem is that she no longer has internet access at home, and I leave in a few minutes to go to my class.

I'll call her later and ask her if it's ok if I give you her contact info - I can't see her saying no, but I still need to ask :)


I am not a tech but I know she can go to one of the car seat check clinics at St. Luke's hospital. They have them in both Boise & Meridian. She can go to to view the schedule. They recommend to have an appointment but she can go without having one if she can wait a little. Weekday clinics aren't as full as weekends. This per a tech that was at the Meridian library this past Monday talking about car seat safety...

Also, she mentioned they were giving out vouchers for a free seat (I think it's some kind of a partnership with Kohl's?) if she can't afford a seat!

We had our seats installed by the techs at the Meridian St. Luke's location and they've been always very friendly and willing to show us how to properly install the seats!


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We had our seats installed by the techs at the Meridian St. Luke's location and they've been always very friendly and willing to show us how to properly install the seats!

They shouldn't be willing to show you how to install the seats. That's their job. That's like saying a doctor is willing to do a physical when you go for a checkup. It's what should happen. A check includes seeing their install, or teaching them how to do it for the first time (often going from one seat to the next where they pull it out of the box in the trunk). Checking it for recalls. Discussing general car safety and projectiles, pets if necessary. Making sure the parent knows how to install the seat and they actually DO it. The parents hands should be the last ones to touch the seat.

A tech who doesn't do this is either in a rush and being lazy, or the parent simply doesn't want more. I've had checks where we've done nothing but look at the install and have the parent reinstall it, and that's it, because they don't care much. But a fast check for me is a half hour, a regular check is about an hour. It's me installing to make sure it'll work in the position they want, work out any kinks, teach the parent how to do it, watch them do it, discuss the use of the seat, next steps, etc.



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On the phone with her now, she said no problem, I'll PM you when I get off the phone :)

It might be a while, lol!


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Thank you! I really appreciate it and I'm sure Tam will too! She's really worried about the seat every time she gets in the car...


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