Reassured by my visit with the foonf today


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I've been sort of in love with this seat since I saw the first pics of it, but at the same time, hoping that I could find something about it to hate because I just have no justification to get one. My only harnessed kid has a rnxt, cco, rn80, and a tf, for two cars.

We (me, quassee, mistybug, and amelia222) got to check it out today, and all the things I thought might be dealbreakers just....aren't. The primary concern I had, was how high up it sits RF, since the only place DD3 can be is in the 2nd row centre. We brought it out to my van and it wasn't even an issue. It didn't block my view at all, and was at most, 2" higher than my RNXT with the angle adjuster. Somehow it seemed way worse in the pics I've seen here than it actually was IRL, at least in my van. Then I thought it might be too wide, because even though the stated width is 17", it just looks wider than the RN, even side by side. Its not. In fact, it puzzled better with my current setup than the RN, and it was way easier to buckle DS2's turbo booster than it currently is. Right now I have to scoot his seat towards the door, buckle, and scoot him back. But because of the shape of the foonf base, I could just reach under the booster arm to buckle. I was initially bummed about only being able to use the arb in the most reclined position, but since it can be rf tethered, that's a non-issue as well.

I just can't find a reason not to love this seat. The REACT technology seems super awesome, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the crash test numbers (which they are going to release). Chris was super nice, and patient with all of my weird questions. Bottom line, I'm sold. Heart Shades foonf here we come. Might as well go for it since #5 is the last for us.
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Did you happen to have a big kid with you? If so, how was the shoulder space for bigger kids?


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What van did you install in? I'm also looking for a reason to hate this seat. I really want one and really don't need one at all.


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I don't have a rf kid, so I really don't need one. It should be coming here this month, and I too am looking for a reason to hate it
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I wasn't able to go to the foonf event in CO last week, but Vera promised to let me know about future events, I can't wait to play with it. I'm trying to talk myself into one....


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So they allowed you time to install it? I may be able to go see it today and I *need* to be able to install it as I'll be ordering online so can't try it first. And will they install it for you? I'll have TechnoBaby with me so won't have 2 hands. Which leads me to wonder how I'll get my 2 seats back in after…hmmm…have to get TechnoBaby home!

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Judi said:
Just because you don't have a kid, doesn't mean you can't get one. :whistle:

A Foonf or a kid?

My kid is up for rent. She can even pick up her toys.


A Foonf. I found out that kids grow up, and I don't like them as teenagers.


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NannyMom said:
I don't have a rf kid, so I really don't need one. It should be coming here this month, and I too am looking for a reason to bate it

It's coming here this month?! Awesome!! LMK when so I can be free and bring some kiddos with me! :D


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I'm torn. While I love it and dd was asking where her new pink seat went on the way home, she'd only be able to use it ff. This is her sitting in it and you can see her lack of legroom, comparable to the new Britax convertibles.

But, it will fit 3-across in my teeny tiny '91 tercel and even fit RF behind the driver's seat, reclined with the seat where I need it and more upright with the front seat all the way back.


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I had it in my windstar, in the middle seat of the bench (3rd row bench in the second row). We didn't actually install it, just sat it on the seat. I sat my giant 5.5 year old in it, but he was too big. An inch over the top slots and the wings pushing down on his shoulders. But...he's in size 7/8 shirts so he's not the average 5 year old. Amelia put her DD in it though, who's almost 3 and fairly tall, so she can probably comment on the fit. My Gracie had like 8-10 inches of shell above her head, but she still has room in the CCO, so take that with a grain of salt.
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The RF leg room is my main worry. Anyone know how it compares to other ERF seats for tall kiddos?

The wing pushing down on a taller child's shoulders worry me too.

I'm still hopeful it will get us past 3.5 years old RF though.


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The RF leg room doesn't seem like it would really be a problem to me. I would just recline the seat a little more, or recline the vehicle seat just a tad...maybe not possible in all cars though.

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