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2007 Toyota Camry
RF, Passenger side outboard, LATCH & tether
Also tried it with the seatbelt
Both installs very quick & easy
Tether point very easily accessed after popping off plastic covering of seat track
We have successfully installed the Radian 65 in a 2005 Toyota Sienna 7 pass. FF for a 28lb 3 1/2 yo. She is in the second to last harness slot.

We used the latch in the 3rd row pass side.
I WILL NEVER take this seat out and reinstall it, if I don't have to. It was by far the worst seat I have ever tried to install.
We tried the seat in the 3rd row drivers side and could not get a tight install with the lab/shoulder belt and there isn't latch on that side. I couldn't install it with latch in the middle of the 3rd row because the latch goes over the belt buckles for the drivers side seat (bad design, imo).

I did have this installed in the middle row captains chair on the pass side with latch and that worked well. I am sure it would be the same on the drivers side captains chair. I picked this seat because it was more narrow than the regent and I wanted to try to get 3 across the back row, that still didn't work like I wanted.

My 9yo is very happy to be allowed out of her backless booster seat. I on the other hand am not as happy about it. There is nothing more I can do with the seats I have to be able to get her back in her seat. Buying more seats is not an option at this point.

I like the seat for the size and harness ability. I however do not like the seat from an install standpoint. I would not recommend this seat for my van, not sure if I would for another vehicle or not, especially if it will be put in the 3rd row.
I was hoping I would like this seat because my 5 yo fits in it and was thinking he wouldn't mind sitting it it and we were considering buying him one, not now.

UGH sorry that ended up being kind of a rant about it.


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2005 honda civic sedan lx
ff in the rear center, couldn't use lower anchors, so i had to twist the bulk stalk two times to get it lower, then it got nice and snug, the of course the top tether is always easy, wiggles ever so slightly, but it works, just the bulk stalk is the hard part on radians


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2007 Nissan Sentra
Rock solid outboard, FF, LATCH with top anchor and seatbelt with top anchor

2007 (?) CHevy HHR - rental car
acceptably solid outboard FF, seatbelt with top anchor. Terrible fit with LATCH

2005 (?) Lexus SUV (5 passenger version) - getting info second hand from my sister. I haven't seen it yet.
solid middle seat FF, seatbelt with top anchor.


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Year: 2001
Make: Chrysler (Dodge)
Model: Neon

Method: Lap/Shoulder Belt (have lightweight locking latch plates)
Direction: Rear Facing with tether
Location: Centre of back bench seat

Checked by a Canadian tech. A very good install!


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Bumping this again to make it easier to find, and because a bump usually generates additional entries. :thumbsup:


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Year: 1995
Make/Model: Ford Explore
Method of install: Lap/shoulder belt and also lap belt
Direction of seat: Foward facing
Position: FF middle and on the ousides. I love how this seat does not move AT ALL!! (bench seats)


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2005 toyota matrix
rear facing radian 65 for 5 month old
1.5 turns of the female buckle stalk and fits like a glove
does anyone know if sunshine allows there seat to rest on the front seats?


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I believe Sunshine Kids does allow it, but keep in mind that the vehicle manufacturer must also allow it. Some models with advanced front airbags don't allow child restraints to touch the front seatbacks because it can interfere with the airbag sensors. My '05 Toyota Sienna and DH's new '08 Scion xB, for example, have blurbs in their manuals, in the airbag section, saying not to allow child restraints to touch the front seatbacks. I don't know for certain about the Matrix, but it may very well have the same blurb in the manual.


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95 toyota corolla wagon, both outboard ff, twisted the bulk stalk 2.5 times on the right and very tight install, reclined the one on the driver side, twisted stalk good install but not as tight as not reclined, but it was way within reason. i gave them the part numbers and number for toyota to retrofit the top tether, but dont know if it can be done in a wagon, i hope they find out.


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2004 Toyota Prius, FF in the middle of the back seat, ALR lap/shoulder belt (of course--no LATCH in that position), top tether. I removed the headrest to make it fit better.

Twisted the buckle stalk 2.5 times. I think 2 might be sufficient, but I was not in the mood to experiment extensively. 1.5 was not enough.

Went in easily, not rock-solid, but certainly less than 1/4" movement.

:eek: I don't know if it's reclined at all. I mean, I read the manual about how to recline, etc., but I didn't really look to see if it was reclined before I installed it. I think probably not.

Not checked by a tech.

UPDATE: I've since re-installed and only needed to twist the stalk one full twist, and it was rock-solid. And I've installed FF driver's-side outboard with the seatbelt, again one twist of the buckle stalk and it's not moving.

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2005 toyota matrix
rear facing radian 65 for 5 month old
1.5 turns of the female buckle stalk and fits like a glove
does anyone know if sunshine allows there seat to rest on the front seats?

I installed, but did not have my radian checked in the following vehicles rfing for my 9month old DS

a Toyota Matrix between 2005-07 (friend's car) (4dr)
first try with Seatbelt tethered under passenger seat it was almost touching the seats

A Vibe (not sure on who makes the vibe) between 05 and 07 again (friend's car) (4dr)
2nd try, because the harness got caught in the fold of the carseat from being folded, once again, it was a close fit with the front seats, tethered under passenger seat

2006 Ford F-350 super crew cab
center/passenger outboard
1st try both installs tethered under passenger seat had to move the passenger seat up for outboard install.

02 (I think) Pontiac Sunfire (4dr)
good install, but tight against the front seats, tethered under passenger seat

96 Chev Cavalier (2dr)
Good install, great the first time, but the harness was caught in the folding mechanism again, and DH didn't know to check for it (reassured him that the folding feature wouldn't give that easy). I had some trouble with the lightweight locking latchplate, which is why I haven't been able to get a great install again, DH did the first time.
Tethered under passenger seat, but tight against the front seats.


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Are unsuccessful installs wanted for this thread as well?

I searched this thread and couldn't find info on my vehicle, went ahead and purchased as seat (with return shipping insurance), and it didn't work at all.

1999 Suburban, lap-shoulder belt, third row driver's side outboard. The seat would appear tight when grabbed at the belt path. No motion at all. Then, grab it by the front of the seat, where the backs of the baby's legs would be, give a yank, and the entire seat would slip forward and begin to submarine under the belt. Then grabbing it at the belt path would make it move several inches. Not good. Happened every time no matter what installation tricks were used.


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2004 Nissan Sentra

Rf'ing, center with seatbelt
Buckle stalk twisted 2 times, took a bit of work but got in with about 1/8 to 1/4" side to side movement.
(Parent couldn't replicate easily though and at her request she installed it outboard.)

Rf'ing Passenger outboard with LATCH
Tight install easily - hardest part was getting LATCH anchors through the holes in the fabric.
Quite an upright angle, passenger seat was able to be moved back about 3/4 of the way.
D-ring around seat track and then slid under towards bolt.
Braced against seatback (this car didn't have side curtain airbags, otherwise it is questionable if bracing would be allowed.)

Checked by a tech.

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