Radian Successful Install Thread


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If you want to see if your vehicle has had a successful install please use the search feature. There is a google search bar included on every page at car-seat.org.

Since the thread has grown so large, it would take forever to comb through each page to find your specific vehicle. Search for your Model first. Put "Radian Successful Install Thread" in quotes in the search bar, along with your other search terms, so that it will search THIS THREAD. That is..."Radian Successful Install Thread" and "Ford Escort" BOTH in the search box. That should narrow it down to manageable number.

If your model is included, but it's a different year than your or it's a different body (say you drive a sedan and it's for a station wagon)--post a NEW thread to see if it applies to your particular car.

Don't forget that some vehicles seem to be named different things--but the same car. Like the Mercury Tracer/Ford Escort. If you can't find your particular car, but can find it's sister vehicle-- post a NEW thread to see if it applies to your particular vehicle.

Please post here if you have successfully installed a radian in your vehicle.

Please include the year, make and model of your vehicle, which method of install you used (LATCH, lap belt, lap/shoulder belt), AND the direction of the seat (rear-facing or forward facing).

And the location of the seat (which I didn't think of until doriansmummy replied. Thank you!)

And let us know whether or not you're installing on bench seats or captains chairs.

I don't ask for much. lol

If you are not a CPST, also include whether or not you've had your install verified by a CPST?

If you see your vehicle listed here and have questions about it, start a new thread, so that we can keep this one for just the yay/nays for good installs.
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Year: 2002
Make/Model: Ford Focus
Method of install: LATCH and top anchor
Direction of seat: Foward facing
Position: Middle and outboard

Great install, I do need my hubbys extra muscles to get it in there rock solid.


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DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2003 with a 50/50 split bench in the 3rd row
Captain's chair - LATCH rock solid FF & RF, Seatbelt acceptable RF
Rear Bench outboard - Seatbelt acceptable FF (2.5 twists to the stalk), Seatbelt solid RF

Outboard - LATCH rock solid FF & RF
Center - LATCH rock solid FF & RF (allowed to borrow anchors per vehicle owner's manual and carseat manual)

FORD F150 SUPER CREW CAB 2004 (i think that's the right year)
Outboard - LATCH rock solid FF

Outboard - LATCH rock solid FF & RF (although there is no front passenger space at all if RF)

Outboard - LATCH rock solid FF, Seatbelt rock solid FF

Captains chair - LATCH rock solid FF & RF

MAZDA CX-9 2007
Outboard - LATCH rock solid FF & RF, Seatbelt rock solid FF & RF
Center - Seatbelt rock solid FF & RF

Outboard - LATCH rock solid FF

Center - Seatbelt solid FF

CHEVY UPLANDER (newer model - not sure of the year)
Captains chair - Seatbelt solid FF... need to move plastic housing around the belt stalk so that you can move the belt stalk back (current positioning causes it to be forward of the bight and next to impossible to install)
3rd Row Center - Seatbelt solid FF... need to twist down the buckle stalk (sorry can't remember how many twists I did on that one - at least two)

If I think of any others I've done... I'll add them.
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Year: 2001
Make/Model: dodge stratus
Method of install: LATCH and top anchor and d-ring
Direction of seat: Foward facing and Rear-Facing
Position: Middle only for the FF install,it did not install FF outerboard well...
I got a great install RF outerboard and Middle with latch


Oldsmobile Silhouette 2001
2nd row Captains chair w/Latch, easy rock solid install
3rd row bench with seatbelt, fairly easy Rock solid install center and outboard

Oldsmoblie Intrigue 1998
NOT Successful, only tried outboard, maybe different center install


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Year: 1996
Model: Honda Accord
Location: Middle
Type: lapbelt

Year: 2003
Model: Dodge Caravan
Location: Side Captains chair, 2nd row


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2004 honda odyssey -
ff with seatbelt in driver's side captain's chair. (tip: twist female buckle 3 times and recline the seatback while installing. Raise the seatback when done)

1990 Toyota corolla -
FF with lapbelt in center. female buckle is twisted 2 times. Easy install

FF with lap/shoulder belt outboard. Must use locking clip and twist buckle 3 times.


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2000 Nissan Maxima
FF Center lap/shoulder belt - rock solid
FF outboard driver/passenger lap/shoulder belt - rock solid
RF had too much recline, but it was a tight install with lap/shoulder belt

2004 Nissan Maxima
FF outboard latch and top tether - rock solid

Early 90's Nissan Quest
FF 2nd row bench seats outboard lap/shoulder belt - rock solid

1988 Ford Mustang
FF back seat lap belt only - rock solid

1993 Ford Escort
FF center lap belt only - rock solid
FF outboard lap/shoulder belt - rock solid with a locking clip


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2007 Honda Civic
FF Passanger outboard lap/shoulder belt with ALR
didn't need any help; twisted the belt stalk 1 or 2 times; used the more reclined setting; removed headrest

* editing to add - I did use non-slip liner underneath, I will try later if it still sits as tightly without it...
Not as tight without the liner, and it has not been checked by a tech - I will be much happier with it if a tech verifies that it is ok. :(

* editing again - I still haven't been able to get it checked, I reinstalled using LATCH and DH to help clip it, it is VERY solid, didn't use the non-slip mat for this. Maybe I could have done better with the belt with his help. I hear tell others are able to get good installs in 06 and 07 Civics...
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2002 Saturn L300
FF outboard, both sides with LATCH and top tether...rock solid

2007 Dodge Caliber
FF outboard, both sides with LATCH and top tether...rock solid

1999 Lincoln Navigator
FF Second row, outboard, with seatbelt and no available tether (not our vehicle)...pretty close to rock solid, but I could have done better with some shelf liner since they had slippery leather seats.


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Year: 2002
Model: Honda CRV
Location: Passenger Outboard, Middle, Drivers Outboard
Type: Both Latch and lap/shoulder belt in all positions
FF EXCELLANT (2.5 turns with lap/shoulder belt and help from reclining seat)
RFing:no acceptabe install in any seating position

Year: 2003
Model: Ford Windstar
Location: Captains Chair, both drivers and passenger outboard, middle 3rd row
Type: LATCH and Lap/shoulder belt in all positions (must removed headrest in all positions)
FF Excellant in all 3 positions

Year: 2003
Model: Ford Windstar
Location: Captains Chair, both drivers and passenger outboard
Type: Latch
RFing Excellant

Year: 2000
Model: Honda Accord
Location: Passenger Outboard
Type: Lap/shoulder belt, 2.5 twists female buckle
FF Barely Acceptable

Year: 2004
Model: Ford 500
Type Lap/shoulder belt and LATCH, tried twisting female buckle and all three rear seating positions
FF NOT acceptable, I was really surprised and tried on 3 separate occaisions..

I am not a tech and these were not checked by a tech...
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2003 Pontiac Montana 8 pass van:
-RF - all positions are great with or without LATCH, but couldn't find any tehter points for the middle row of seats (nothing below the front seats to tehter to, no visable belt stalks)
-FF - 2nd row outboard both sides easily with LATCH
-FF - 2nd row middle and outboard with seatbelt with a GREAT DEAL of difficulty but is rock solid now that it's in (middle).
-3rd row - UNSUCCESSFUL in any FF position in back row of seats, didn't try Rf back there.

1999 Ford F-150 extend-a-cab (kind with one set regular doors one set suicide doors)
-RF center ONLY of back 'seat', either side is not enough room behind front seats for the recline, and no way to make the radian more upright....no way to tehter this either (at least that I could find)
-FF not acceptable in any location - tried center and outboard rear, and side passanger (airbags can be turned off) could not get even close to acceptable install (but didn't try overly hard either, was just for curiousity sake)

2006 Chevy uplander:
-FF - 2nd row captains seats with LATCH - great and easy install
-FF - 2rd row captains seats, unable to get acceptable install with seatbelt
-FF - 3rd row unable to get acceptable install with seatbelt (no latch there)
-didn't try rf in this van


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Year: 2004
Make/Model: Hyundai Santa Fe
FF, outboard driver's side
seatbelt and tether--rock solid install.

Not checked by tech.
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2002 Grand Caravan
Captain's Chairs middle row - RF and FF with LATCH successful
RF and FF with seatbelt successful
Rear OB - RF and FF with seatbelt successful
Rear Center - RF and FF with seatbelt successful
RF and FF with LATCH successful

1996 Suburban I did not try RF in this vehicle
Rear OB - FF successful
Rear Center - FF successful

1998? or so Dodge Neon
Outbord - FF with seatbelt - successful did not attempt RF
Center FF and RF successful with seatbelt (when RF, the seat fits right in between the front seats and it installed nicely next to a RF Touriva)
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2002 Saturn L100 sedan:

-FF in center using lap-shoulder belt. Extended Radian's FF-only recline foot, twisted female buckle stalk once, and locked shoulder belt at the retractor to get a solid install.

2008 Scion xB:

-FF in center using lap-shoulder belt and extended Radian's FF-only recline foot. Not as solid as the install in the above Saturn, but less than 1" of movement at the belt path.

-FF outboard passenger side using LATCH or the lap-shoulder belt locked at the shoulder belt retractor. Twisted female buckle stalk once for seatbelt install.

2005 8-passenger Toyota Sienna LE:

-FF third row passenger side using LATCH.

-FF second row center using LATCH.

2007 Cadillac Escalade:

-FF on second row passenger side captain's chair using lap-shoulder belt with switchable retractor's locking mechanism engaged. Fast, easy, rock solid installation, checked by me and several techs.
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1996 Ford Windstar
FF Back bench seat, outboard, with seat belt, tethered
FF Middle bench seat, both positions, with seat belt, tethered
RF Middle bench seat, with seat belt, tethered to anchor on the back of the driver's seat. I think it would be fine RF in any position.
*All Windstar installs are with the belt stalk twisted. The best FF location for a rock solid install is in the middle bench seat closest to the door.

1999 Toyota Corolla
RF Outboard, with seat belt, tethered
*With belt stalk twisted
*Cannot install FF in any seating position in the Corolla

2003 (or 2004?) Ford Escape
RF outboard, with seat belt, tethered

1996 Toyota Camry
RF outboard, with seat belt, tethered
*I think I had to twist the belt stalk for this one too.

2005 (or 2006?) Dodge Durango with 3rd row seats
FF middle row of seats, outboard, with seat belt, tethered - Perfect quick install!

I think that's all I've tried! ;)


CHEVYY UPLANDER[/B] (newer model - not sure of the year)
Captains chair - Seatbelt solid FF... need to move plastic housing around the belt stalk so that you can move the belt stalk back (current positioning causes it to be forward of the bight and next to impossible to install)

You would need to do the same thing in the Olds Silhouette 2001 captains chairs. I was going to put that in my post earlier but decided against it because I haven't actually tried it....

I have also installed in a
2007 F150 Crew Cab w/latch, rock solid outboard position
2006 Chevy Impala, outboard with latch, rock solid

2003 or 2004 Suburban w/latch rock solid, could not do Seatbelt as I tried in the 3rd row outboard


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I have mine in a 2007 Toyota Camry. We used latch and it's on the left side in the backseat behind the drivers seat! I got it 100% rock solid tight by myself and I went and had a Cosco Scenera installed professionally rearfacing on the right side behind the passenger seat and while there, the lady commented that the Radian was in there really good, no need for any adjustments, it was solid she said! Made me feel good!

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