Radian RXT or Britax Boulevard in 2001 civic & 2004 crv



My 10 month old needs a new seat (actually 2....1 for each vehicle). Will the radian rxt fit in a 2001 civic or a 2004 crv? I have heard that the angle adjuster will help, but I am afraid of all the posts on how difficult it is to install in general (britax are easy install?). I like that it RF's longer than the britax & the ease of getting baby in & out with no side wings. It also looks to be not so hot in the summer, but maybe a little less cushy & uncomfortable than the boulevard?

Does anyone have any experience with these vehicles & seats?

Does the radian with angle adjuster give as much space as the boulevard would? Also I'm assuming the angle adjuster would take away from the childs leg room, does it still have more than a britax would?


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I have 3 radians and one (older) boulevard. I don't have your cars so I'm not much help there, but I can say that the radians will still have ample leg room even with the angle adjuster. It doesn't seem to significantly take away legroom in my experience. Plus, with the low sides of the radian near the leg area, it's easy and comfy for longer-legged kiddos to just place their legs right off the sides.
I find the newer Radian RXT that I have to be more cushy than our Boulvard, actually, as far as padding is concerned. The fabric of the radians differ depending on the color. I have (I mean, my son has...) the cobalt (LOVE IT), which is a smooth, slick fabric - almost like a nylon windbreaker material. Our grey radians are more of a "microsuede" - so ask about fabric type for your preferred color if that is important to you.
Our older Radian 65s are slightly less padded but I've never had any complaints from my boys - and believe me, they will let me know if there's something they don't like!
Good luck. I'd go with Radians, or at the very least, one of each.


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The Radian is incompatible RF in the center of your 2004 CRV, with the super narrow buckle positioning combined with the long buckle stalks and forward of the bight buckle, I tried for a good long time and was unable to get a successful install. This was before the angle adjuster and I haven't tried one since so there's a chance it might worth with an angle adjuster, but definitely not without.

It does install fine outboard with either LATCH or seat belt, but the shape of the seats makes it pretty reclined, you definitely want an angle adjuster.

Here's a couple pictures -

(that's how far forward I moved the passenger seat)

And the awful center belt.

As for your Civic, it'll be no problem. Again I'd get an angle adjuster but it's a pretty easy install in the center with the seat belt (you cannot use LATCH in the center of either of your vehicles) or outboard with LATCH.

I would probably skip the Boulevard - they're just so cramped for leg and head room, and if you were going to buy a Radian for one car I'd probably go with a less expensive secondary seat like the Graco MyRide, Evenflo Momentum, or First Years True Fit.

By the way, the MyRide fits in the center of your CRV like it was made to go there - it's the only other seat I've installed in that vehicle and it was a perfect fit even with the awful buckle situation.


Thanks so much for the info & pics :) My apologies for the late response. Computer died & I just got it back. I will get an angle adjuster & try it out. Are there any tricks for either vehicle? This is my first car seat install...Do the belt stalks need twisted (no idea what this actually does, I just read it in another car seat post..lol), or do I need to start out from the seat bite if I have the adjuster? Would it be easier if one person puts their weight in the seat while another person installs?

I just got the seat yesterday & took it out of the box, it looks intimidating :) Hence all of the questions. The only color they had was shadow, I was kind of hoping for cobalt.

Is the adjuster ok to use if its another month or so before baby actually turns one? He's got great muscle & head control.

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