RA50 $49.98 at Target!


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I thought I would start a new thread since I'm guessing this may be a more consistent markdown (some Targets apparently just skipped over the 50% off) and the old thread we've been posting in says 139.98.
This morning my Target had the RA50 in Sutton (DPCI 030091930 if you want to do a store locator for an idea if your local store has them http://services.rivernorthdesign.com/target/) for $49.98 :D
(markdown must have been this am because I was there yesterday and they were still $139.98 and the markdown crew was out and about the store).
Anyway, obviously YMMV, but worth a shot if you need one!
GL :)

ETA- Crunchy - obviously I still cannot get that cool link thing to work! ha ha :)
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I don't have my car today but I want to go check the 2 Targets closest to me so bad!
I was just at one of them on Friday and they had 3 still at $139.
I didn't check the other store.
With that locater thing, if it's accurate, it says the store I checked on friday is out of stock but available at the other one. I SOOOO bad wish I had the car! I really really want one of these seats!


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Thanks! I can't get over there until 5 or later today, but I'm checking to see if Anne can go check earlier.

ETA, did you call the other stores? Some say limited availibility, I wonder if they still have some near where you are (If you are trying to find one for you)


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I just called WJ and they can look at all the stores in the area. They and JL were out (as I already knew from shopping there last week). South Jordan and Ft Union may have had one each. Same with American Fork, but I'm not driving down there. In fact, I probably won't even go to Ft. Union. I'm supposed to meet a friend in Bountiful for lunch.


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A few Target's near me say limited availability. Tell me I don't need this. I sold my MA, but still have extra covers. I could use that instead of the Titan when my RN loan is over. And Sofi still fits....she's 29-32Lbs.


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So excited mine were marked down to $49.98 today after being at $99.98 late last week. I got 2 for DS. He'll fit for a long time - he's only 15 lbs at nearly a year!


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I am so mad that I didn't take my car today! I was going to, but didn't. Dh was going to check the Target close to his school on his lunch, but thats the one that is sold out (at least according to the website).
Dh gets off today at 4 and has to work his 2nd job at 5, so I won't have time to go inbetween his jobs. I'll have to take him and pick him up, but that means not getting to Target until like 5:30 or so, if they are only $49 there right now, I don't know if I can expect to find one still.
GRRRR! I should have taken my car! I'm so glad we'll have 2 vehicles after July so I can just up and go somewhere without having to plan.
Oh, and I can't find my cell phone so I can't call Anne. I don't know her phone number, it's programmed in my cell, so I can't call her from my house phone.


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YAY! I found an old PM with Anne's number so I just called her. She's going there right now to get me one (and one for her for the grandparent's car).
I SOOOO hope they have not sold out yet and they really have marked them down to $49 at that store! Anne rocks! :D


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I picked one up at my Target today for $49.98! It was $139 Friday. It was the last one left. Now, to use it as a replacement for the Wizard my 2.5 year old dd is using. It expires in a year. Or sell it to a friend. Hummm.... Its much lighter than I thought it would be. So I'm thinking maybe keep it and I can use it for travel when she outgrows the Scenera we use for travel now.

Anyone know when the average kid would outgrow this seat? She's on the 2nd slots from the top now and fits well in it but it seems small to me. I had to move the crotch strap all the way out. She's about 34 pounds.


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Anne just called, she found 3 of them but they are only at $99 right now.
I think I'll take the car the rest of the week to keep checking on them. $99 is still a good price, but since I don't NEED it then I'd rather wait until they are $49. I think I'll call the store that is supposed to be out and just ask them to look for them, sometimes those stock things are a little inacurate, and if they DO have one, dh could stop by on his way home.

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