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I have bought a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited(4dr) and we have three carseats in there. Two MA's and one booster right now. I am wanting and hoping to put my oldest back into a 5pt because the booster just isnt working out.

Anyway, my main quesetion is do you think I could get three Radians in a row forward facing? My youngest will stay rear facing for awhile but I am just thinking in the future. I dont want to buy another carseat and the MA takes up a lot of room and he doesnt have much space left for his legs. So, hopefully everyone can understand this and help me out.

I was thinking of just selling my two MA's to pay for part of the two more Radians I would then buy. The booster we have only had for a week so I can still take that back to target.

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah one more thing. I cant put my MA's ff on the outboard seats because of the headrests. I cant take the headrest out either. Right now I have MA rf ob, MA ff middle, HB booster ob on the driver side.


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I would start out with just getting one Radian to replace the Turbo, assuming your oldest fits - how tall is your oldest in the torso (sitting height bum to top of shoulder)? Have you tried a Radian in your vehicle - would it fit any better than the MA outboard with the headrest issue (I sure hope so!)?

If he fits well, get the Radian and leave the other two in the MAs for now. You could replace one of the MAs with a Radian too, either now or later on, but the Radian puzzles really well with the MA when they face in the same direction. The Radian shell just fits nicely under the MA's flare. I have done a 3 across with a center MA and 2 Radians outboard in my '07 Civic that I was quite happy with (the hard side bolsters were holding the Radians turned a bit inwards but with a soft squishy seat back it would have been beautful). So you could keep the younger 2 the way they are and slide the Radian in beside. I am not sure if putting 3 Radians side by side in 1 direction would have been better or worse.

How much room does your middle child have left in the MA? I would probably eventually replace the RF MA with a Radian for extra leg room (although it will likely take up a lot of room front/back, hmmm), and aim at a future goal of FFRN/FFMA/FFRN (assuming your middle child fits the MA long enough for the youngest to max out the RF limits on the Radian - then switch their seats). Or maybe by the time the middle child is out of the MA your oldest will be ready for a booster and you can trade in the MA for a booster and shuffle seats around then.

Just throwing out options. A FFRN/RFRN/FFRN setup should work beautifully as well, and it would give you lots of room to keep the LO RF for a long time to come, even if the 3 FF RNs don't fit side by side.


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well I checked about doing the RN RF and I am not so sure it would fit properly. My back seat is pretty small. I could probably do it in the middle but its hard to get him out of the middle seat. I have left him in the MA RF right now he is then but long. He just transfered over though. Last check up he was 32" and 21lbs. My middle child I think has a long time left in the MA too. My oldest could still fit in the MA too, the baby just had to move somewhere so wasnt sure where.

I think I will def keep on MA forsure then I am still debating on the second MA on what to do. I am kind of hoping if I have both my older children in RN's then they can climb into the seat and buckle up for me. The MA is just too high and since our new car is a lot smaller than the last one they cant really climb up into it.

Anyway I feel like I am babbling. Thank you for all of your information though. I wouldnt have thought of keeping the one MA so thanks for that.


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