Puzzle buckles (coccoro)--what's their purpose?

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I want to get a CCO for my baby, but the puzzling together of the buckle seems like it might be an annoyance to me. Is it somehow beneficial? I love my Britax BV and wonder if I just don't want to get used to something different. The CCO seems so comfy for a newborn though. I think if they had it in purple I'd buy it regardless! Any input on the buckle or any other issues with this seat would be appreciated. BTW, is it a new seat? I posted when pregnant about wanting to skip the infant carrier altogether and it seems like there are lots of options to choose from now.


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A puzzle buckle just is a way to guarantee that you have both parts of the buckle attached. Some people love them, some hate them. I always thought they were fun and they don't bother me in the least. I've used both in the past.

The Coccoro has been out a couple of months now, so not long. I still haven't seen one in person.



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I'm generally not a fan of puzzle buckles because they can be a major pain. Then again, the puzzle buckles I came in contact with most often were on the Peg Perego infant seat, and I HATE that thing (the buckle. Well...the whole thing, really...:whistle:)

The Coccoro's buckle is much easier, though. I actually really like it.

As for purpose, yeah, I guess to make sure you have both parts in. Frankly, I've never found that to be much of a problem with regular buckles. Some puzzle buckles can be so difficult I'd imagine some parents would choose not to buckle it at all, so it might defeat the purpose.

And yes, the Coccoro has only been out since March.


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I hate puzzle buckles. I think they are an unnecessary pain in the but. I'm not sure if it would be a deal breaker for me though if I wanted a seat. I think it is something you would get used to.

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Thanks ladies! Wendy I think you've responded to ALL of my posts :love: I checked out the CCO IRL, and although I don't "need" it, I really loved how cozy and comfortable it seemed. The padding is really thick and soft. I also like the idea of putting my DD in a pink seat instead of hand-me-down boring neutral seats from her brother. Shh! Don't tell my husband those are my top reasons.:whistle: I'm having issues w/ my sugride staying installed properly and I don't think it seems all that comfortable either, so I guess my real reason for buying the CCO is that it fits a newborn so well. I suppose most would suggest a snuzzler (or whatever that kiddopotamus insert is) for a lot less $, but they haven't done much reading here then. Thanks again! I'm going back to the baby store to try DD in the CCO and RN XT and DS in the Signo, GN and Frontier. Then I'll go again this weekend w/o the kids to see what installs best in my VERY ANNOYING 2009 Honda CR-V. Urghh! I hate the backseat of my car...it's not really the snugride's fault.


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According to the Combi rep that showed our state tech's the seat back in March, the reason they did a puzzle buckle on the Coccoro is that's the only way the "Tru-Safe® Buckle" would work. (when it's buckled properly the window turns green).

Dorel uses puzzle buckles a lot and I really don't like them, but the puzzle on the combi didn't bother me so much - probably because it is smaller and metal not bulky and plastic like thd safety first infant seats and some of their others.

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