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Which would you prefer forward facing. Guide 65, Onside Air, Evenflo Tribute, or Britax Roundabout.

Looking for easy install, use of tray table (if that's ever possible), least able to kick front seat, not going to have stuck buckles or buckles in the back.

Thank you!

If I am missing a light cheap cheap I am open to suggestions! Really don't mind how they install in a car.


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Britax roundabout because there is a closed belt path and the buckle won't be in the child's back. Though, you may want to get a belt extender to make it easy to get the seat out at destination. Without extender, the buckle can get stuck.


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Can a kid kick the front seat in a Guide? Looks like it's only 14 inches long vs 22 of the Britax.

Do I need a buckle extender for the guide?
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I can't help you re: the other seats, but the Roundabout is a very nice travel seat. You won't be able to use the tray table, though. I'd actually never thought about using seatbelt extenders with ours (!) -- Thanks, Dillipop! -- but she's right, unbuckling without them is a trick. You have to have small hands, and reach in there and turn the buckle 90 degrees and even then you'll just barely be able to unlatch it.

In order to use the tray table and minimize seat-kicking, you'd need a seat that rides super low, like a Radian. Which IMO is too pricey to be just a travel seat, and it's not a fun travel companion anyway because it is so darn heavy. It's only worth traveling with this one if you don't mind the price and have a way to strap it to your bags. Don't even try wearing it on your back. Easy to install on a plane but it often puts the buckle in the small of a child's back.

If you can get a bulkhead seat, that'll solve the seat-kicking problem. Also, if the flight is not full, you can ask the gate agent to reseat you so the carseat will be behind an empty seat.

I did buy a "Taby tray" before a very long set of flights, for inflight use with a 2yo in a Roundabout. Not worth wasting your money on this; it's bulky and ended up just being in the way. If it's really a long flight and your child likes to color, you might look into a small lap desk or pilot's kneeboard or something.


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If using the tray table is important to you, then the Evenflo Maestro might be a good lower cost option for you. They can often be found for around $70 on sale.


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Another board I frequent just about traveling with kids recommends the Guide 65 as you can use the tray table. You need a seat that does sit up high on a base. I took our Peg Convertible earlier this year and it installed easily enough but there was no way you could use the tray table and it put my sons feet right on the seat in front of us. I'm going to purchase the Guide for our next trip.


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While the radian puts the buckle in the child's back, there is a piece if plastic on the back of the cover- at least there was on mine from 2006- that makes it so the buckle isn't bothersome. My kids have never had an issue with the buckle and we've flown cross country at least 4 different times with the seat and different kids. It's so nice to be able to install the seat quickly, be able to use the gray table, and carrying it down the aisle is a breeze when folded. While heavy, I didn't have to hold it over my head like bulkier seats we've traveled with while going down the aisle.

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