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Guess what?! I contacted Marilyn at A Running Stroller and asked her about pre-ordering. She said she is putting it on her website TONIGHT and you can pre-order it there!
I'm sorry if this has been covered in another post already, and I'm sorry for starting yet another thread about the new Recaro seat, but I'm SO excited! :love:


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I'm excited, but it's not up yet, so I can't be overly thrilled. Plus, I kinda want to at least wait until I see pics before I get TOO excited.


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I didn't even notice that before! :rolleyes:
It seems that no one is as excited about this as I am! Or maybe everyone's just busy tonight! ;)
I've tried very hard to get excited about this seat but I'm reserving my excitement until it's really available and stats can be verified/dissected, lol, and we learn more about user friendliness, vehicle compatibility, etc. The seat sounds like a dream and I truly hope it lives up to the hype. :)


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I can't wait to see a pic! Thanks for the link!!

I read your website quite awhile ago, and the girls were RF in MA (?), I can't believe they are in Regents now!!! So adorable!!


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I can't seem to get very excited either. I think its because I think recaro's other seats are ugly. Maybe when they come out with pics.
owners of VW GTIs, M-series BMWs, ferraris, lamborghinis, aston martins, and formula 1 race cars may differ with that opinion ;)

i'm definitely one of the more excited folk... our 9 MO daughter is waiting for this. i'm not only excited because of what it has to offer, i'm also excited simply because it's a recaro. most of you know this but many may not: they have made sport and racing seats for decades and they make the seats that come standard in some of the highest-end cars. i have owned cars with recaro seats as original equipment... they are the most comfortable and supportive seats ever to grace a car's interior (as well as best-looking, IMHO), and the young sport is testiment to that, as my older daughter is comfy as a clam in her recaro and never gets fatiqued/uncomfortable in it, even after hours. i want these design features for my younger daughter as much as i want the safety features of the new seat.


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I love the look of the other Recaro seats. I've always wanted one, but I've also always wanted to harness past 40 lbs. I'm excited about this seat for that reason, but also because it is supposed to rear face to 35 lbs and can be tethered rear facing (both very important to me). I'm wondering how the pre-order will work as far as colors go, since they don't have any pictures out or anything yet. I personally will order it sight-unseen because I love the other Recaro seats so much and I can't imagine that this seat will not be worth every penny, but also because I think once it does come out it will be very hard to find (similar to the recent Regent situation). I could be wrong about all of that, but I guess I'll have to deal with that when the time comes! I'm going to stop checking tonight and hope that it will be there in the morning when I look. This was her exact reply to me:
I will put it on my web site tonight and you can pre order it..
So, I'm sure it will be up soon!


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I don't think the other seats are ugly at all. Personally I don't care what a seat looks like as long as it's safe and user friendly. I want to see something though before I pre-order. I just can't get my DH to allow me to buy a seat I've never even seen a PICTURE of.


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I think Recaro's are GORGEOUS. I'm wild for the Young Sport, but it just didn't harness long enough for us.

My husband is not exactly a racing buff or a huge car guy, but when I said "Recaro" he knew exactly who they were as far as original equipment and racing seats.


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I noticed that too. :rolleyes:
Me too!!!

My dh is a racer (road & drag) for over 20yrs now. While he like the current Recaro carseat but was extremely disappointed in them when we actually saw them. That says a lot for him as he has Recaro seats & equipment in his race cars.

I am not getting my hopes up until it's out on the market b/c currently everything is just hear say. In the past we have been filled with many promises from car seat manufactures only to have the bubble busted. So, I'll believe it when it's truely out.


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Me too!!!

My dh is a racer (road & drag) for over 20yrs now. While he like the current Recaro carseat but was extremely disappointed in them when we actually saw them. That says a lot for him as he has Recaro seats & equipment in his race cars.
what was he disappointed about? just curious. obviously you can't compare a racing seat with a child restraint, but if your DH compared it against other CRs, i wonder what his impression would be.

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