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Please take the time to browse the offerings from sponsors who have contributed to the costs of these forums! While advertising is restricted elsewhere on our forums, our sponsors are welcome to post about their child safety and children's product related businesses and merchandise in this forum and in their own subforum.

Sponsors are asked not to repeatedly spam or "bump" posts about the same topic in this forum, please. Also, please do not include advertising on items that are beyond the scope of these forums (child and safety related products). Only one thread from each sponsor is allowed in this main Sponsor forum. This thread should be used for limited time offers and announcements as they may be pruned by moderators if they are no longer relevant. Sponsors may post additional threads and bump posts in their own sub-forum as they so desire. All posts will be at the discretion of the Admins.

Only Sponsors are permitted to create new threads, but any member may reply to a thread. All members and unregistered visitors may view this forum. Please be fair to our sponsors and keep in mind that this forum is for them. Comments about a Sponsor's products and prices are generally welcome, but please consider that they have made a generous donation to keep Car-Seat.Org forums going. If you have primarily negative comments about a specific product, deal or sponsor, please discuss it in the main Strollers/Gear forum, Coffee Break forum(s) or Private Message. Posts that are deemed too negative or include links to other retailers for the same product will be moved or deleted without warning.

Again, please be courteous to our sponsors. If you have any concerns, use the "Report Post" feature rather than reply to a thread you feel is not appropriate. Beyond that, Car-Seat.Org does not take any responsibility for the actions or activities of our sponsors and will not mediate in any disputes. Thank you for supporting Car-Seat.Org!

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I would like to announce some changes that are effective immediately. In addition to a small price increase for future sponsorships, there are a few improvements, especially for those that use their sponsorship for business. Please note that the features below do NOT apply to Home Business Sponsors, who are limited to simple text advertising only. This type of sponsorship is intended for personal, home based sole proprietorships and is much more restrictive as it does not allow any other type of advertising. The changes below are for full Car-Seat.Org Sponsors.

1) The cost of a Car-Seat.Org Sponsorship donation is now $49.99 for 3 months and $69.99 for 6 months. This applies to future subscriptions and renewals. Current sponsorships are unaffected until they renew. This fee structure will be reviewed periodically and may be increased or decreased, based on the number of active sponsors, their usage patterns and forum statistics. I will also be looking at other forums of similar size and search engine placement that also accept sponsors.

2) Sponsors will now be limited to a single thread in this main sponsor forum. This thread should be used for limited-time specials or announcements as they may be purged regularly, especially if they are no longer relevant.

3) Upon request, each sponsor will now receive their own individual sub-forum within the main sponsor forum. In this forum, you are essentially free to post as many threads as you like. Sponsors who are not using their accounts for a business may also have their own personal sub-forum upon request, but this may be changed or restricted in the future for personal use. Please do not interfere in another sponsor's forum. Content is subject to moderator approval. Please send a PM to Admin to request a sub-forum.

4) Sponsors may now include a small commercial logo in their signature file along with a single, simple text link. This commercial logo may have absolute maximum dimensions of 468 pixels wide, 60 pixels high and 100kb file size. Please note that this commercial logo is instead of a personal logo, not in addition to it. If you opt to use a personal signature image or information, the previous guidelines and size limits apply to all members. In particular, the combined images and text cannot exceed 240 pixels in total height. You could also do both, subject to the maximum commercial logo size and combined total height of all images and text. No exceptions.

5) Full sponsors may also use a commercial logo as their avatar image. You may also use a commercial logo or banner in your profile image. With the latest version of the software, sponsors now have additional profile page customization options only given to donors as well as generous limits on a user profile photo album. These albums may be used for your personal or business use and can include your own photos of products and other relevant images. Please do not violate any copyrights in these albums. The size limits are 1280x1024 and 200kb per image and a total of 20MB for all photos. Your user profile could almost be a type of storefront, though of course we do not have the ability to facilitate transactions.

6) Sponsors may now use their blog feature for business use. This feature is found on the navigation bar or with this link . As with everything, content is subject to moderator approval.

7) Sponsors may not advertise with links or product information in forums outside of the blog and sponsor forum (including links and references to their websites or stores), but may reply to specific member inquiries by Private Message. Unsolicited sales messages, messages spammed to multiple members or repetitive use of the PM system that generates any complaints is not permitted. One exception is that sponsors may post direct replies to posts in the Shopping and Deals forum regarding pricing and availability and may also link back to their sponsor sub-forum. Sponsors should be very conservative with posting in the Shopping and Deals forum and in private messages; spam will not be tolerated. Sponsors may participate in other forums as well, provided the participation is not primarily discuss their own products (some latitude is given to manufacturers who may reply to specific inquiries about their products, subject to moderator discretion). Please do not include links with your affiliate tag for or or links to an affiliate website anywhere at Car-Seat.Org.

8) Please note that we have an opportunity for a "Premier" Sponsor that includes static bottom and top banner placement on our webpages. The cost is significantly higher than a regular sponsorship donation. As it is advertising, it is not considered a personal donation like our other sponsorships. Please contact Admin for inquiries.

9) We reserve the right to change the terms of sponsorship at any time without prior notice. Sponsorships may be revoked for content at the Admin's discretion. While not typically issued, a prorated refund may be granted in very unusual circumstances, but only during the period allowed by Paypal (usually 60 days from the date of the original donation). Some things that might cause your sponsorship to be revoked are prohibited content (adult, abusive, harassing, etc), competitive content (to a similar forum, website or Amazon/affiliate marketing webpage) or repeated infractions/warnings about our advertising or other guidelines.

More information can also be found here:

If you have any questions or would like a clarification, please contact me at or via private message to Admin.


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Item #7 has been updated. Sponsors are now allowed to reply to specific requests in posts regarding product availability or pricing, but only in the Shopping and Deals parent forum. Sponsors may indicate that they have an item in stock, the price and other details, along with a link back to their sponsor sub-forum or directly to the specific product page at their website.

This is on a trial basis and spam will not be tolerated. If you decide to post in the Shopping and Deals forum, please limit it to repsonses to specific replies to questions about a product you carry (or may be available for pre-order). Please do not start new threads on product information or pricing or sales in the Shopping and Deals forum; these types of posts belong in your sponsor sub forum. This courtesy will be resvoked if it is abused.
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