Please recomend a nbb


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So i seem to keep inheriting children, we are up to four possibly soon a fifth will join us.

As none of my children use a nbb i am not very knowledgeable about them.

the fifth is a 10 yo boy will no doubt hate me but needs a booster, was in my car three weeks ago and the belt fit was horrendous (as was the fact that apparently he is used to putting the shoulder belt behind his back)

I would like a nbb for a larger child ie seat depth and width important, and would love it if i could latch it as i would guess just using it will be a battle forget buckling it in when he gets out.

more points if it looks cool, even more if it is in a reasonable price range :)


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Believe it or not, my favorite NBB is the $13.50 Harmony Literider from WalMart. None of my kiddos ride in a NBB fulltime yet, but I let my oldest (8 1/2 years old, 51 inches tall, 67 lbs) use one when he rides with friends, and I am seriously impressed with what an awesome lapbelt fit it provides on him. He has the camo one. My DD (6 1/2 years old, 47 inches tall, 55-ish lbs) has the pink one, though she's never actually riden in it (just "tried it on"), and there's also a great belt fit for her.

I believe it's only rated to 100 lbs and it's fairly narrow, but it fits my "solid" kids really well. It doesn't LATCH, however.


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Sunshine Kids Santa Fe -- it's a backless Monterey. It LATCHes. My big kid (9yo, 55"/~100lbs, and 5-stepping, or borderline 5-stepping, in most cars) loves the seat, even with the back on, although he's about outgrown the back. Went through a phase where we were using it backless a month or so ago and it worked very well.

I agree that the Literider is an even better choice, if you decide LATCH is not a big deal. 9yo also uses that one, and although he looks squished to me he insists it's comfortable.

I also saw a Harmony at BBB that looked ginormous -- I think it was the Olympian, Olympiad, something like that? It was around $30 and I seriously considered picking it up for myself, lol. Very deep seat.


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Someone else here, Sirrahn, I think, has the Harmony Cruz for her 10 yo, and it's fantastic for leg support . LiteRider is good, too, and cheaper, but the Cruz is so much deeper I'd think it'd be better.

eta: ahh..found the thread...

eta again: hmmm... seemed too tippy for the last kid...I was hoping it would be less tippy than the LiteRider, which is pretty tippy. Maybe the other backless Carrie mentioned is more stable.


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Here, I found it. It's [ame=""]the Harmony Olympian[/ame]. Of course there are no measurements, I just recall seeing it at BBB and thinking, "Whoa, that thing's huge!" (ETA: says "Unique extended length (16.5”) & width (12”) gives the proper room & support to growing children. Great for larger children up to 110lbs.")

For LATCHable, I think your only options are the Santa Fe or the Clek -- or I guess an SGL with the back removed, but that's kind of pricey.


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It was my ds that didn't like the Cruz. The fit was great, but he refused to ride in it again after using it around town one day. He said he felt unsafe because the booster moved SO much side to side. It is very narrow on the bottom. He is using a backless Turbo right now, which he chose over the literider. I think the Santa Fe would be perfect (if the price was a little lower), so I would choose that if you want a booster with Latch.


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