"Piddle pad" safety issue


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This is probably the dumbest question ever asked. I know we're not supposed to put anything in a car seat underneath a kid. However, I'm potty training my 21 month old, and I live in fear of her peeing in her car seat and my whole car smelling like pee forever. Think it's safe to put one of those puppy training pads under her bum? It's only slightly thicker than a diaper, and she'll be wearing underwear.


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Not a dumb question at all!

I would be perfectly fine with a doggy pad, cloth diaper, or similar being placed under a child. As you said, it's no thicker than a diaper is.

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No, I don't think you can do that. I know diono makes one but I don't think I would even use that. I just put plastic panties over my daughter's panties when we go out... She has had accidents in her seat but it washed right out of the pad!


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Oh wait. I'm thinking one of those really thin piddle pads, but you said it's a little thicker than a diaper? Maybe I'm thinking of something different. I'm talking about the thin chux pads.


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Something like the chux pads should be fine since they are super thin. Not sure about a pad that is thicker than a diaper though..


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I agree that the thin chux type pads (or puppy pads, etc) don't bother me.

It might also depend on what kind of diaper OP is referring to. I use cloth, so I probably go to that image first, but if I went and flattened a disposable or a pull-up, they might be thinner than even a fairly thin chux. Either way, both are less than one of my kiddo's double stuffed BGs.


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I used to put a disposable diaper underneath DS. I liked using the diaper, because I could sit him right in the seat and wrap the diaper around him, so it protected the crotch buckle too in case of an accident. :)


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I was concerned about the crotch strap getting wet if he had an accident, so before we leave the house I put a diaper over J's underwear. I remind him he's still wearing his underwear and he still needs to use the toilet, I haven't had any accidents yet.


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Thanks for the responses everyone. I actually meant to write THINNER than a diaper. There's a big difference between thinner and thicker, eh??

I have tried putting a cloth diaper cover or reusable swim diaper or one of those disposable slip-up Huggies over her undies in the car, but that only seems to spark her to want to pee her pants. She does much better in just cloth trainers or plain undies. I was thinking of just cutting a little slit in the puppy pad for the crotch strap, but I'll have to check and see if it has goop or anything that will seep out.

She once got the lid off her sippy of milk and poured out maybe 4 oz. Somehow, the cover of her Truefit wicked the milk immediately down and into the shell of the seat. Even after washing everything, my car smelled like spoiled goat milk for weeks.


I recommended chux pads in a fb group and the admin said it wasn’t safe to use any one anything more on that?


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It may not have been the most kosher, but I did use a thin puppy pad to wrap around my kid a few times during potty training. It was the thinnest thing I could think of and I knew it was temporary, so I made the choice to risk it. Not sure what admins might think of recommending such things, as it's in the parental choice category rather than officially OKed or not.


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Guidance has changed in recent years on this. Unless tested and approved by the manufacturer, most manufacturers don't want something under the child that isn't attached to their body out of concerns it could change the way the body moves in a crash. A diaper over underwear might be useful, or a pull up, or a cloth training pant with waterproof layer.

You can always call the manufacturer of your own seat and see what they recommend.

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