Phil and Teds Sport Buggy-Accessories??????

Just wondering for those who have this stroller or other models did you also purchase any accessories? Which ones do you have? Which ones are worth buying or not worth buying?
I'm thinking about buying the mesh cover or the storm cover or neither. I'm also curious about the saddle bags.


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The Bob single cup holder attachment fits nicely on the P&T Sport, but I have yet to buy the rain/mesh covers.

I have the pannier bags and used them for a bit when I was doing Baby Boot Camp, but haven't used them since. I also bought the rain cover, but then I stopped doing boot camp and never even took it out of the box. :eek:


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When I had a Sport (sold it and just bought a Dash last week- LURVE the Dash :love:), I bought the pannier bags and while they did provide a ton more storage room, I found them to be a pita to open and close every time I needed to stash something/take something out. They used to have a drawstring w/toggle and then the flap with buckle. I am not buying them again for my Dash.

Ordered the P&T drink holder, but I don't have it yet, so can't comment on it. Have heard good things about it, though.

I did have the hangbag and ordered another for my Dash. It's convenient, but you can't put sodas in cups in the drink holder things. The SK Buggy Buddy works much better for that (although, the top of the front seat bangs into the Buggy Buddy when the seatback is fully upright for an older kid)

Never used the rain cover, even though I had it for the Sport, so am not buying it again.


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I had the pannier bags but keeping them properly stocked was such a hassle they became more of a nuisance than a help. I think I sold them on Ebay.

For example: going to the mall.
Park. Take out stroller. Check pannier for diapers, wipes, whatever. Take baby food, cell phone, coupons & wallet out of diaper bag and put into pannier bag. Have fun at the mall, using items out of bag and putting other crap into it. Go back to car. Take empty baby food jars, used wipes, dirty change of clothes out of bag and make mental note that the pannier bag needs two diapers, an outfit and some sani-wipes before next trip. Get home and soon realize you can't find your cell phone. Go back out to the car, take stroller out and fish through pannier bag for your cell phone.

Yeah, I hated that bag. :p Come to think of it, my cup holder sucks too LOL.


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ZephyrBlue--what made you buy the Dash?
- The seat pads/cushions are AMAZING- soooo much better than the skimpy padding on the Sport.

- The hard plastic footwell cover (I had a Sport and the kids' shoes really wore it down fast since it's just fabric. I've heard a lot of people complaining about the e3 and Sport footwell fabric over the years.

- The basket and the canopy are both a bit bigger on the Dash than the Sport.

I don't know if the handlebar/braking system is the same for the Sport and the Dash, but I love the all-in-one version on the Dash.

Honestly, for $100 more, the Dash is really superior, feature-wise. I was going to buy the Sport and just buy extra seat pads, but those alone were $70 for both seats. The footwell cover really sold me, honestly.

And I got the Dash for $450 shipped (the Sport was $350) :D


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The footwell cover really sold me, honestly.
My Sport is 3 years old and the footwell is ripped to pieces. :( If the Dash was available then, I would have picked it (or maybe the vibe) over the Sport. In the strollers defense, my DS was much heavier than the average toddler. He has only gained 12 pounds in the last 2.5 years.

This is the best price I have found on the Sport and it comes with a free peanut bassinet. Too bad it's only with the blue camo.


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This is the best price I have found on the Sport and it comes with a free peanut bassinet. Too bad it's only with the blue camo

I got really lucky- Jo, the owner of Let's Go Strolling, offered a few of both the Sport and Dash for great prices when she moved her location. She sold the Sport for $350 and Dash for $450 shipped- both w/doubles kits. The blue camo Sport on Albee is the cheapest one I've seen advertised, too.

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