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I recently purchased a Peg Perego Stroller Chassis with fixed wheels to be used with one of my seats off my Triplette stroller. I love how high up the seat is off the ground. I don't have any problem 'steering it' despite the fixed wheels. Looks like this, but different seat.

I found my triplette stroller to not be a good stroller for walking in my area due to living in the country. We do not have sidewalks, and do a lot of road walking. I was always fighting the triple, trying to keep it from going to the right, due to the roads. It's a must for field trips though!

I like taking my daycare kids out for walks...but found that I was avoiding it due to not having a stroller to use that didn't drive me nuts! The Peg Perego w/fixed wheels (air filled) is an absolute DREAM to push on the roads. I wish they made a triple like this...or at least a double! I've seen one by Inglesina I think it was, and I'm really tempted to sell my triple and get the Inglesina one, as it looks a lot like my Peg single.

So for now, I can only walk when I have 2 or 3 kids. I push one in the Peg. My son pushes the 2yr old in Chicco Tuscany (another wonderful stroller). And if I have a tiny one, I can carry them in a front carrier. Or, get my dd out of bed (we go early while it's still cool) and make her come along and push another stroller! LOL

I fell in love with the Peg so much, that I actually bought a 2nd one. The only drawback to these, is they are huge even when folded. I have a hard enough time finding room to store one of them, let alone 2! It's a good thing I have a suburban, as it takes up more room then my double (which I think will find a new home after this! LOL).


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Would you use the triplet for occasional trips?

I'm pregnant with twins and have a 1 year old i need a stroller i can put all three in for when we're planning our wedding. Its outdoors in a campground (no tents, very pretty picturesque cottages) but will require a lot of walking so we can pick where we'll do the ceremony and reception and what will be where in the reception. The roads are all gravel (hard packed) but we'll be off the roads most of the time (very flat, smooth grass)

I was thinking of buying on and having it shipped to the location and storing it at my great grandmothers cottage so size isnt an problem besides shipping costs.

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The OLD triplettes had wheels like that

I have a friend who had one of the OLDER Peg Triplettes. Hers had big wheels like that. I think hers was manufactured sometime between 1997-1999.


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Good lord that's outrageous for an older used Peg. You can find them all day long on eBay for $300.

I know the old peg has fixed wheels...but I don't think they are the big 12" air filled like the chassis I got has.

And, DOS, I still use the triplette if I have enough kids. I just don't tend to do a lot of road walking with it. Although, duh me, never thought to lock the front wheels. Wonder if it would work better. I'll try it next time I have a need. Although it doesn't have the springy suspension, and trying to 'pop a wheely' with 3 kids doesn't sound like my back will like it much! I really like the looks of the Inglesina one...if I can find it used. I'm not spending $700 for a stroller! I don't have that much invested in all my strollers put together (and I have several!).

Just know that with your little car, it likely will not fit in the trunk. You have to remove the seats to fold it (I've left one or two on...but it will not fold w/all 3). It's HUGE.

If you get one, get it off eBay or there is another website ( or something like that). That is where I found mine ($350 + shipping).


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P.S. DOS...a good double might get you by, since the babies will be tiny for a while, they'll be able to be in the same seat, then put your toddler up front. Also, invest in a good front carrier (I HIGHLY recommend the Baby Bjorn) can then carry one of the infants and push the double. If you'll likely have another set of hands always with you, one can do the double, and the other the single (get a good umbrella stroller for the toddler that will fold up the Chicco Tuscany) and it'll fit in your trunk with the double.

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