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So, um...who/what is Eddie Bauer, and why are there carseats with that brand, and cars and tents?
Was Eddie Bauer ever a real dude?


I'd bet he was. L.L Bean was a real dude and so are most of the other "named" clothing (Levi Strauss, Liz Calbourne, et. al.).

Try googling him.


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Good question!!! :confused: :) :p

I, myself, am not at all impressed by the "Eddie Bauer" name. Why is there a clothing store name on a truck (Ford) and on baby products? I don't get it...

If I was going to be impressed by a store/designer/brand name on baby products, I would probably be a lot more impressed by Ann Taylor, BCBG, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana (my favorite ABCDs!), or a myriad of other "designers." Even then, I can't see myself getting super excited about any of that.

What I reallydon't understand is when people are SO loyal to that Eddie Bauer name that they don't care what they are buying as long as it says "Eddie Bauer." Hmmm.... that's wierd.


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Here is one possible explanation of who Eddie Bauer was.

Here is another explanation of who Eddie Bauer was.

These two explanations give basically the same information- one is more condensed than the other.


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The Eddie Bauer name is just licensed by Cosco for use on some of their seat covers. You can get an identical Cosco seat for $20 or so less by buying the "normal" cover. It's just done to attract the parents who shop by brand--I've seen die hard Evenflo fans as well so it isn't just "famous" names. I used to work with a gal who wouldn't buy anything that didn't have a name brand and she was flabbergasted when I told her Eddie Bauer didn't make her car seat.

It's all an elitist motive. You have a fancy brand name showing, you're higher up in society. So, while paying a little more for an Eddie Bauer Ford product gets you a few goodies and leather seats, the Eddie Bauer name on a Cosco seat just gets you three inches of fancy embroidery. That's it.


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Oooh, I'd love a buttery soft Coach carseat...Leather really isn't THAT hot...it'd make a great booster. Britax really should get ahold of that license.... or Recaro...leather would be great on a Recaro Start (think it would cost, what, $699? But I'm sure some fashionista would love it in her Hummer or Lexus, right?)



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As one of my friends says, Eddie Bauer is code for "Extra Bucks" on any product bearing the label, lol.


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joolsplus2 said:
Oooh, I'd love a buttery soft Coach carseat...Leather really isn't THAT hot...it'd make a great booster. Britax really should get ahold of that license.... or Recaro...leather would be great on a Recaro Start (think it would cost, what, $699? But I'm sure some fashionista would love it in her Hummer or Lexus, right?)
LOL! Wouldn't that be cool? But, as we have seen with the Titanium/Leather Maclaren Techno, adding leather to a product REALLY hikes up that price. Well, so does adding titanium, I guess.:p But, can you imagine a Coach Britax? Wow!!!

As much as I love Coach, I still don't think I would be drawn to buy it just because it says Coach, like some people do with their Eddie Bauer seats. Now, if I saw a handbag that said Coach, I could probably be enticed to buy that! :) :p


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While I admit that I am not in love with Eddie Bauer car seats,
I DO have one Eddie Bauer product that I could not do without....my diaper bag!!!!
I have tried SO many brands for the 4 kids over the years, and I thought Lands End was pretty decent
but I love, love, LOVE my E.B bag!!!


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My sister loves her Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag too. She has the midnight blue (it is PRETTY) messenger bag with the two magnetic pockets on the front. It is really nice! I like it too. But I would have still liked it even if it didn't say Eddie Bauer on it... LOL :)


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Someone recently asked me why I don't recommend EB seats. My response was that it's like getting a Geo Metro with a Porche label. It's still a Metro, but you're gonna pay big bucks for the Porche logo.


Not to beat the dead horse, but brand name isn't too far from college or pro sports covers :p

My brother, dad, BIL would buy/have bought almost anything if it says Huskers/Nebraska on it.

Personally, I would have trouble with some of the colors: bright orange seat (TN and others) in most cars (especially my burgundy).

Now the K State purple. . . that would be another story :D

Since I don't use my seats on a daily or even weekly basis, I'm all about bang for the buck (seat that works for my variety pack of kiddos and my car and not too much $$) - not so much about color. Hence, my infamous blue/white Airway.


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I agree. The boys' Parkways are the first time I've chosen a seat due to color - and then I'd already chosen the seat, I just let the boys choose the cover for that seat. ;)


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My last DD had the Eddie Bauer infant seat (Designer 22).
I liked it better than the Evenflo 'On My Way' that I had for my first 2 kids, but no where near as much as the Snugride that I had for my 3rd.
(We thought we were done after 3 and gave that away - Ugh!)
DH did NOT like the Snugride because DD #3 outgrew it so fast. (around 7 mos), and the E.B. was his idea. (I caved) I will admit that the E.B. lasted my last baby until she was 17 months old, and it was much easier to attatch/detatch from the base than the snugride was.

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