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I thought I'd put this in here since it's sort of relative....

Anyone have any recommendations for backpacks? The kind for carrying babies/kids, LOL!

Price is a factor (since I'll be unemployed for a lil bit & the new practice is still slow & I don't know how much start up $ I'll get from the state), but so is comfort & ease of use!

I'm thinking of carrying toddler in backpack, infant in sling & push a toddler in stroller while preschoolers take turns standing on it??? (When we walk to the playground)


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Ergo. http://www.ergobabycarrier.com They're $90 I think brand spanking new, you can sometimes find a used one for about $50. They're tested for kids from newborn to 60 pounds. They're really easy and comfortable to use, and stylish! No big frame to lug around. We love ours and still use it.



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Baby Gear is also a fair topic in this thread for now. I'll split it into a new forum if it becomes overwhelming.


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We love our Kelty carrier. It is a frame carrier and comfortable for both me and my husband. It carries kids to about 40 pounds, i think, which is definitely more than I would be willing to carry anyway. We've carried DS at about 30-35 pounds on 2 hour hikes. Very comfy! Most of his weight is on your hips. The bare bones one is about $100, going up in price depending on what options you want.


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I have the Ergo too, thanks to Wendy. LOL Liam is 35lbs and I can still carry him without a problem. I can also carry Hannah who is 45lbs without a problem excpet she trips me. LOL She is 6 and very tall but weight wise she is fine. You can use it from about 4 months and up, on the front then the back. I WILL NOT be selling mine anytime soon and Liam is my last baby, that is how much I love it. LOL I figure it takes so so little space that even if I just use it one time when watching a friends baby it will be worth it to keep.

Another thing you might want to look into is a good wagon for the older ones, instead of a stroller. Also www.orientalexpress.com has tons of stuff for daycare use, like a rope with handles for kids to hold onto for walks.


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Ooooh, I really like the look of the Ergo thingy ... forgot to mention that I'm small -- 100# 5'4" ... does this change the recommendations at all?


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Nope not at all, I think Wendy is your height. LOL I don't remember. I got the Ergo over a frame carrier because its easier to use in stores and buffet resturants. LOL Its also smaller and can fit in the diaper bag. It also is easy to wear empty, just let it hang from your waist. So Liam could get in and out and it wasn't a big deal. He likes to walk sometimes and ride sometimes. I can also get him in and out while walking with no help. LOL I got it when he was almost 2 years old.

I have used it with a 6 month old and up too. Works well on the front.



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What about a wrap around sling/carrier that you can tie on carrying a toddler in the back? and another or other style of sling for the baby?

Just thinking..I've never tried carrying 2 kids at once :D


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I know you can use two Maya Wraps at the same time to sling 2 kids, and they make their pattern available for free on the website.


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how about a nice quad stroller? (we have one to unload so Im just trying to push it off on you lol!)

anyway to the real suggestions. Another one to look at is the ABC type carriers, the mai tei, the kozy, ect... They are soft and fit a wide range of children and adults. this is the only link I have to an ABC maker, I think she has a waiting list so I probably wouldnt go with that brand http://www.kozycarrier.homestead.com/ ... but it will give you an idea on those types of carriers, there are other brands to be found(I just cant pull them off the top of my head).

ok googled some more http://www.meitaibaby.com/ http://www.freehandbaby.com/ http://thosemartins.com/bmt/ http://ellaroo.com/mei-tai.php
and so on, you can google mei tai and find even more and there are patterns to make your own. I made my own and it came in handy when we put new sod in the back yard lol! I just strapped him on my back and went to work and he was fine the whole time.


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I didn't even know there were Quad Strollers! I've only seen twin strollers & one of the daycare centers has a stroller for seating 9 kids *GASP* :p I'm definitely interested in your Quad Stroller, LuvBug :D Could you post pictures for me :confused: We already have a Jogging Stroller that will be good for personal use if/when my baby #2 comes along....

& yes, I've tried slinging baby Elfy in front with Leila on my back (both in Maya type slings) & I think it would definitely be easier with the back kid riding in the Ergo or a Mei Tei instead *SIGH* Besides, my SO isn't "handy" with the Maya knock-off & I'm sure the Ergo would be better for him, LOL

Thanks bunches all!


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I really like wrap-type carriers, such as the Mei Tai..

This is the brand I have:

You can use it for a front carry and a back carry, and there are numerous ways of tying. It looks confusing at first, but after about 5 minutes of reading and a few practice ties you'll be a pro.

I also have an Ergo but I find it quite a bit more restrictive than the MT.



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I tried several backpacks and also loved the kelty. i had the old llbean/kelty joint venture and it was the only one I could carry a 18mo thru almost-3yo with relative comfort. after about an hour, I would start to get sore spots, but it was FAR better than the other 3 I'd tried (Gerry, Evenflo, and instep).


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Kelty and other frame packs are great for big hikes, but I'm gonna say ERGO too!

A lot depends on how many kids and the ages/weights of the kids, but you can put 6 mo and up on your back in an ergo, you can put 8 weeks and up on your back/front in a mei tai, you can use the infant insert in the ergo on your front for tiny babies.

I'm a sling-aholic, I think we own at least 15 different soft carriers (moby, maya, ergo, mei tai, podegi, other wraps both knit/woven, pouches, more) and I'm glad to shell out advice!


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Cool ... thanks everyone! I'm pretty happy on my decision to go with the Maya-inspired locally-made sling in front for infants & the Ergo for toddlers on my back :) Leila can use the step on the back of our new/used Sit-n-Stand (with 2 seats for other toddlers/preschoolers!) when I walk her to school :) :)

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