Okay, so what scooter should I buy?


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Okay, so the last time I needed to buy Damian a new scooter, I went with the least expensive one that would give him a good weight limit... knowing he would end up passing it down to his brother

This is the one I bought

Well, Jeffrey is now over the 100lb weight limit for his current scooter (only by 10lbs, but as it is also a few years old, it affects how well it operates)
And (no surprise to me), Damian's feet are now at the end of his size 11 shoes (just enough room to probably get him through the summer) and he is having trouble (AGAIN) fitting his foot on the scooter board because his foot is so big and either from constantly growing so fast, the PDD-NOS, or both, his coordination is not what his brother's is and he's on the clumsy side a good bit. So this, combined with the fact that the handlebars end up about even with his boy parts make him now unable to keep up with Ruthanne (who can't go super fast on hers because her feet turn in that much, but it's actually helping her with that, which surprised me)

So... the plan is to give Jeffrey Damian's old scooter (ironically, he was zooming around on it yesterday when he got his bad scraped knee he's sporting today... lol) and get Damian (HOPEFULLY) a bigger and (REALLY HOPING) taller one.

Damian still can't ride a bike and has no interest to and he can't ride his skateboard as fast as he can a scooter because of his lack of coordination... he needs a handlebar.

So... he grows about 3" a year... I need something that's going to accomodate him long term... he's only 132lbs (less than he weighed when we bought this one he's been using, actually) and hasn't gained weight in awhile, but he's growing like a weed at 5'8.5" with shoes on.

Here's a pic to give you an idea of JUST how big he really is.

(it's a thumbnail.. and since his foot is tilted, you can't see that his toes and heel touch each end of the footplate)

I'm eyeing this one for the open back deck/footplate, but the caster on the back... that's just another learning curve for him and I worry that since there's no way to lock it that he'll just not be able to get the hang of it.
And I'm eyeing this one cause it's the tallest I have found... but then I worry about the length of the deck

Thanks for advice!
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I use a Razor A5 Lux, which has larger wheels, a wider deck, and goes to 220lbs. Razor has some other models which go to 175lbs and beyond.


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Kat_Momof3 said:
what size shoe do you wear (sorry to be nosy)... could you measure the length of the deck between the wheels?
8-8.5 US women's, DH wears a 9 USMen's.

I can measure the deck when I go home, though specs may be on Razor's site.


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they list the length, but that doesn't always really assess foot area... but Damian's feet are a size 11-12mens, so yeah, I need to know he'll be able to ride it comfortably as his feet continue to grow.

I really am worried just HOW big his feet will get at this point... I mean, his dad wears a size 14wide, but he's 6'... Damian's predicted to be 6'4-6'6 and he's already got this shoe size at age 12... if he keeps up growing a shoe size a year until he's full grown, God help me! (this is actually possible as in some years he's gone up 2 sizes in a year and shot up as much as 6")

Sometimes I think the world just was not made for him... and sometimes I'm tempted to get him a bike, take him to the park with the big hill, put him on it, and keep shoving him down the hill till he figures out the bike... however, he wouldn't go for that and I'm not picking that one. His brother is BEGGING me to do that with him, however... and I can see doing that (not as roughly as I worded it of course)


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Feet tend to grow before the body grows. Have to have a good foundation right :D. My feet stopped growing when I was around 13/14 and I ended up with a size 12.5 in women's. I would think that in a few years he would be more interested in cars and motorcycles then in scooters and bikes. I would look at something that will last him 2 - 3 years and then see if he is still interested. There are also scooters that are 3 wheels a d have like a u platform for both feet.
Like this [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Trikke-T67CS-OG-T67ConvertibleSteel-Orange/dp/B0043VOLYS/ref=sr_1_1?s=bikes-scooters&ie=UTF8&qid=1337202512&sr=1-1"]Amazon.com: T67ConvertibleSteel: Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

Maybe worth heading to a bike shop or toysrus to try some out. You could also take a pair of your dh shoes or your ds shoes and get on it yourself to see.


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Good point... it's just that in terms of maturity, he varies from being on Jeffrey's level to Ruthie's... he notices young women, but not to the same degree the other kids in his grade (let alone the ones a grade higher who are his age) do.

He's obsessed with beyblades and wanting to ride a scooter or still trying to get the hang of the skateboard like he has been since he was 5 (though it was a very different size than the one he has now) with Ruthie or kids that size rather than go hang out with kids his own age.

You reminded me my feet stopped growing when I was that age, too, and I was a size 10 in women until after I had Jeffrey (now I'm a size 11 women) and I hope that is the case for him...

I found a video for the siege caster one online that shows a guy about Damian's size and there is oodles of foot room and you can still use it like a traditional scooter in addition to the self-propelling way and Damian is hooked already... the only thing he wants to do that is more like kids his age is be able to go to the skate park and use the ramps and stuff... and he just can't do that with a skateboard... he needs to stop growing and get his balance (or at least slow down enough)

It's as close to what he knows he can't have (a rip stick) and a skateboard with a handle as there is... so while I'm worried that he'll not get the hang of it, his want for it being so bad he's offered to chip in the money he's been saving to help with the cost (as on walmart.com you can't see the price till you add it to car, but it's less than 45 dollars there before tax)

And I'm going to have it shipped to store so I can do what you suggested in the parking lot... that's a really good idea!.

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