Oh! Squee! Lifesavers!


New member
I'm over-the-moon excited...I just reserved for Lifesavers. Ok, this is the geeky star struck moment...I get to come meet a whole bunch of you...IRL!!!

EEEeeee! I'm just way too thrilled, lol..


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WAIT! I thought it was supposed to be in Philly this year. :( Poop. I have to wait until next year.

Have a great time! :love:


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I've been looking forward to this conference for 2 years since I became a tech. My mom lives only an hour outside Nashville. HOWEVER - I SWEAR it was in May. Seriously, did it used to be scheduled in May? Because DH says no way :(:(:( - I'd have a 4 week old at the very best, and he just does not think it's a good idea :thumbsdown:

I'm sad. :(


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don't forget to take your camera (digital) and LOTS of memory cards (err on the side of 10's and have them be each at least 1-2 gig.)

Leave NOTHING uncaptured!


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Lol Kat! Want me to take a lot of pics, huh? Luckily, I just got a camera that comes with the job, as well as the one from home with the 2 gig card & something like 2000 pics availible on the drive, ;)


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I'm jealous! I want to go! I just don't think Elizabeth will be weaned by then and I don't feel like bringing her! :D


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I had wanted so bad to come, but with it mostly being in the work week, I won't be able to. I do have hopes to come on the weekend just to visit though! So maybe we can plan a get together for everyone ;)


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Lol Kat! Want me to take a lot of pics, huh? Luckily, I just got a camera that comes with the job, as well as the one from home with the 2 gig card & something like 2000 pics availible on the drive, ;)

of course!! Since I can't drive down (no money for the trip, let alone the stay... and don't you have to be a tech??)

anyway... yes... I want you to bring back all the dishy dirt and info.

I'm hoping for more Nauti covers (something that will coordinate with my monterey would be great... grey and red... not asking for the world, you know.

Maybe you'll see the Safety 1st Onboard 30 (the one that goes from 4-30lbs... SQUEEE!!)

And someone has to play with the mia moda seats to get a better idea of what the heck is up there.

find out when the chicco booster will finally hit the market and ATTACK the britax people about bringing back the SRC or FPSV booster until they relent!!

And feel free to hit the Evenflo Reps over the head to knock some sense into them about the Symphony and their boosters. (getting rid of the Confidence booster, which was actually nice, but keeping the silly big kid boosters without increasing headwings or making them better padded and more solid, or at least adding latch attachments)

And when you're doing that, if you want to point at their Canadian market and then at Graco and demand why they haven't supplied us with a combo seat that goes past 40lbs when the one they do give us goes past it in Canada, feel free.

I give up on Graco with regards to the comfortsport at this point, so there you are.

Oh... and dorel reps... everyone needs to get on them about none of their boosters (especially the GORGEOUS Maxi Cosi ones) not having reinforced headrests and all the misuse this causes.

I could rant on these people for hours... I need to get my bum to Lifesavers one of these years.


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I will have to plan for next year when it is in Philly. I can visit with family and do something I really enjoy. :D

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