offered a accidnet free 2.5 yr old century seat 20-40 lbs 5 pt harness does century even exist


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I am in need of a carseat to replace a expiring carseat. and have no cash so i was offered a 20-40 5pt harness century brand carseat that is supposedly only 2.5 yrs old. Does century even exist any more? ideas ?


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The last Centurys were made in 2004, so they'll be expiring at the end of the year. No way is it 2.5 years old. They were bought by Graco in 2004.



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you can not possibly have a 2.5 yo century seat. They stopped making seats many years ago. It may have been purchased 2.5 years ago, i guess maybe, by a VERY disreputable seller selling cvery old seats, but it sure as heck wasn't MADE 2.5 years ago.


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Can you check for the date of manufacture? Should be stamped into the plastic on the back of the seat somewhere.


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Looks like a Century Accel - last made in 2003 - Expired.

What is the age, weight & height of the child you need a seat for? What is the make & model car it is going in? We should be able to suggest a seat within your budget. :thumbsup: Used seats are very dangerous since most people don't realize washing harness straps with soap ruins them. Sometimes people wash the shell with harsh chemicals or get in an accident and continue to use the seat. Or worse yet, the instruction manual is missing and the seat gets installed wrong.

Rear facing is the safest possible way to ride in the car. There is now a Cosco Scenera at Target that rear faces up to 40 pounds for $59. Or, a Safety 1st OnSide Air (also rearfaces to 40 pounds) at KMart.


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ok here is my dilemma i have 3 kids 5 yrs 52 lbs 48 inches. who is in a backless graco. a 3 yr old 36 inches 30 lbs. whose marathon just expired and we tossed. and then a 18 month old 23-24 lbs who is in a marathon that will expire in feb 2011. we have a britax regent dman is march 2007. and have new straps and stuff on way for it. but then we just bought 2 graco nautilus manfa in april 2010. but i hear the head tilt when they fall asleep is bad. and all my kids fall asleep in car. so i was gonna return them. that is y i was looking for free. becuase we really cant afford expensive. and i figure the 3 yr old will go into the regent and 5 yr we will probably keep 1 naut for. I dont know what to do.


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OK. So the baby will need a seat in 7 months because when the Marathon expires, there will be no seat capable of rear facing. Are you going to keep the baby rear facing (safest choice)?

Do you have the back for the booster? How well does your 5 year old sit in the booster? (IE: Does he put the belt behind his back or anything crazy) If not, I would put the back on the booster for him and make sure the screws are in the armrests. The screws are commonly overlooked. ;) Or buy him a high back booster (with $ from returning a Nautilus) if you don't have the back anymore. A 52 pound 5 year old is not unsafe in a booster provided he sits properly in it. :)

I would put the 3 year old in the Nautilus. Some kids get head slump, some kids don't (my son slept like a baby in his) and it is a great seat that will last until he is old & big enough for the adult belt. :thumbsup:

I would return the second Nautilus and plan on buying a convertible seat that rear faces to 40 pounds for the baby in the next 6 months. We can suggest a few if you would like. :)

What make/model car do you have? It must be pretty big. Do you have the forward facing seat top tethered?


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I would get the 3 year old a Meastro, they run about $80 at Target, K-Mart & Sears.

Then I would get your 5 year old a High Back Booster. Something like the Graco Turbo Booster would be a good one. They run about $50.,price&searchRank=pmrank&frombrowse=1

I also like the looks of this one. Although I have no clue about how it fits children, but it is about the same price as a Turbo. It sure looks very nice.

Or if you do not like the idea of him in the booster, then you could keep the Nautilus since you have other children to pass it down to. You could also keep 1 Nautilus for your 3 year old & purchase the 5 year old a high back booster. A child that is 5 years old that can sit properly in a booster is perfectly safe in one provided he can sit properly in it.

Then keep the baby in the marathon untill it expires. If you put away $5-$10 a month between now & then you will have enough to buy him/her something new when it expires. Something like the My Ride would be good for that time if he/she is not extremely tall.


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You said you bought the GN in april. Where from? Most stores have a 90 day return policy.

What kind of car do you drive?


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she doesnt sit properly in backless. so she needs to be harnessed. so here is a option. right. keep a graco nautilus. put 5 yr old in it. then when straps come for the our britax regent. put i think 5 yr old in that right cuase goes to 80 or is she getting to tall at 48 inches? and then 3 yr old in nautilus. keep 18 month rear facing in marathon till it expires in feb. and then put him in regent. and then my 3 yr old will be almost 4 so i could put her in the naut. and buy 2nd nauti for the oldest and i forgot 5 yr old is not 5 now she turned 6 on sat. lol. mommy brain. I have a 2006 honda odessey currently the 5 and 3 are in back row and 18 month old has outboard seat that was pushed to the middle other seat removed from middle row. does that make sense.


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You said you bought the GN in april. Where from? Most stores have a 90 day return policy.

What kind of car do you drive?
She mentioned that she just bought the GN's and that they were manufactured in April 2010. :thumbsup:


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The Regent is taller than the Nautilus so it sounds like we are on the right track. If you must, put the 6 year old in a Nautilus for now. When the straps come, move her into the Regent. Make sure her shoulders aren't over the tallest harness slot in either seat because that would be outgrown - a real possibility with the nautilus at her height.
Keep her in the Regent until it expires or until she outgrows it and she will hopefully be ready to sit properly in a booster by then.

The 3 year old can use the other Nautilus until it is outgrown harness to high back booster to low back booster. :thumbsup:

Keep the baby rear facing in the Marathon until it expires, then move the baby into the first Nautilus (if you must use it for the 6 year old while waiting for Regent straps.) Ideally, the baby would stay rear facing until 40 pounds. If the Regent straps are out for delivery, I would keep the 5 year old in the booster and try to limit driving until they arrive. Then, you can return the first (unused) Nautilus and get the baby a good 40 pound rear facing seat for under $120.

What do you think??


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I am leary of nautis as i am seeing alot of posts about kids complaining that dont like it. and we do take lots of long drives and in early feb 2011 we will drive 24 trip to disney. i am just bewildered and kinda like i dont know what to do. :( def gonna keep son in marathon till feb rear face. and then put 6 yr old in regent. but i need something comfy for 3 yr old cause she falls asleep in car alot. and dont like idea of head slouch in nauti. but i mean maestro only harnesses till 50 rihgt and 3 yr old doesnt like to even sit properly when she was in marathon she would push chest clip down and pull arms out. any chance that target will be clearancing carseats soon. like the ones i would need? or did i already miss that for this year?


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I do not have the impression from reading here that kids are generally unhappy in Nautiluses and, in fact, it was my research here that convinced me to buy one for my DD1. I do read that the head slump bothers parents (not kids). My now 4 yo DD has been in the Nautilus for about 6 months and she sometimes gets head slump and it bothers me to see it, but it doesn't even wake her up. She :love: her Nautilus so much that we bought a second one for our other car. I asked her and she wanted another one just like it. So I would not assume your kids won't like it. however, if you are putting your 6 yo back in the regent (I'm still a bit confused on your seat situation and what you have .. sorry), then maybe it would be better to exchange for something like a My Ride to RF your 3 yo. Others can help more with this. I just wanted to let you know that some 3-4 year olds love the Nautilus. :) HTH

I think the Target clearance is over, but you can check your store to see if there is anything left. You can also check out the shopping forum here because there are some great shoppers on there.
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I'd leave the baby in the marathon a few months past expiration. It won't turn into a pumpkin on expiration date. 3 months or so shouldn't be a big deal. Many other seats go till December of the 6th year.

Why not return or sell a nautilus? You could then buy an eta, myride, or at least a scenera for baby.


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I have two happy kids in Graco Nautilus's. My experience is kids love them.

Head slump isn't dangerous, and only happens in certain situations. The vast majority of kids do NOT complain about it when it does happen. The Nautilus is a very, very safe seat.


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The maestro will last your 3yo until 5 or 6 (maybe longer). It takes a long time for kids to gain 20lbs. And it has very high harness heights (about the same as the nautilus).

As for the nautilus, my ds slept in his fine, and has never had an issue.

I would much rather see a 3yo with head slump in the nautilus than your youngest ffing.

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