Noise reduction earmuff/headphones for preschooler?


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Does anyone have recommendations for something for noise reduction for a 4 year old? DD has sensory issues and gets upset with certain noises. She was really excited to go to the Memorial Day parade today, but then clung to DH when the motorcycle police went by :(
She has tried on my friend's DD's Baby Banz, but complained that they weren't comfortable. We have just regular winter ear muffs, but they don't muffle the sound enough.


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Just a pair of kids noise canceling ear muff things should be fine, did you look on Amazon? [ame=""]Kids' Noise-Reduction Ear Muffs (Silver):Amazon:Electronics[/ame]


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I'm with poster above I'm guessing any of the ones on amazon would work fine. DS1 has
has these john deere ones [ame=""] John Deere 93112 Professional Earmuff: Home Improvement[/ame] His grandfather works at the JD dealer ship and got him he refused the black ones OT had but the "tractor ear muffs" are cool enough for him. So you may want her input when your shopping for them.

If she finds the ear muffs uncomfortable I remember seeing a kit to make ear plugs...or you could probably find a hearing aide place to make some to fit her.


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Nathaniel also hates loud noises. After visiting my in-laws and him playing with grandpa's hunting muffs, we got [ame=""]these[/ame] for him and he loves wearing them. He even made it through a fireworks show wearing them, where the prior year he buried his head in a blanket in my lap and cried.


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DS1 has high functioning autism, sensory issues came w/that.

We buy the cheap, orange (they come in clear, too) silicone putty type ear plugs from Walmart or Target. They're in the first aid section, intended to keep water out in the bathtub. Might be $3.00 a pack, and keep them stashed in each bag and car.

Those, along w/a hooded sweatshirt or t-shirt and sunglasses have gotten him thru movies, fireworks, stupid family members at family get togethers, concerts--you name it!

I'd have bought him noise reduction head phones/ear muffs, but the ear plugs worked out great. Plus, now that he's 6.5, he worries what others will think..and the earplugs aren't that noticible, plus they're cheap if he loses them.

At other times, he uses his headphones and music player to drown out other noises.




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I hadn't thought of the putty stuff! I bet that would work! Thank you!! She doesn't like anything too tight on her head (which makes finding sunhats fun :rolleyes:) so I think that's why she didn't like the Baby Banz. I'd be worried about ordering some off Amazon without knowing how tightly they fit.


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We use the Peltor earmuffs for kids. They fit my small head, too, which is nice when using our outrageously loud blender.


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We use the Peltor earmuffs for kids. They fit my small head, too, which is nice when using our outrageously loud blender.

:thumbsup: We love the Peltor earmuffs too. My oldest has sensory issues and the earmuffs have been a lifesaver.

[ame=""] Peltor 90553 Kid's Earmuff, Pink: Home Improvement[/ame]


Baby Banz have been amazing. We use the earmuffs at amusement parks, fireworks, and noisy restaurants. My little Noah is easily startled. These work like a charm:)


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You can get ear molds made at an Audiologist's office. They'll be soft silicone, shaped for her specific ear. You can choose colors, glitter, etc. should cost less than $100. The color/glitter might make her like them, and there's nothing squeezing her head.

If you're looking for something cheaper, I'd go with the clear or orange squishy silicone ear plugs. I use them when swimming because I'm prone to Swimmer's ear. Seeing as I'm profoundly deaf in one ear and severely deaf in the other, I can't attest to how well they reduce sound, but I believe the package says it reduces 28dB.

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