No RF tether for infants?


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I think I read something on here a while back about how most people think a RF tether is WORSE for infants, that not having one? Something about the tether increasing neck load? :confused:

I'm probably going to be helping my friends install their new Frontier (hopefully), and get their BV re-installed for their new baby (don't bother with "Britax convertibles don't fit infants well..." I know they don't but my friends used it from birth with their first, and as long as the straps aren't more than 1" above his shoulders they've decided to use it for their new baby too.).

But no RF tether for the babe? When should I tell them to start using it? (assuming they'll listen :rolleyes:).


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I've heard that there are certain seats that have been tested RF tethered and shown more stress on the necks (and therefor don't allow tethering) but, I've never heard of not tethering for an infant in a seat that allows for tethering RF.


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Since it allows for tethering at all ages, I would use it tethered for an infant with confidence (and no real worries about the straps not being 'at or below' in a 5 point harnessed seat, the lap straps prevent ramping up, and the headrest is great for a newborn, IMO).


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This is one of those things where there isn't one set answer.

Yes, in a rear impact collision there is going to be increased neck loading on the child (no matter what their age). But, when you consider that rear impact collisions tend to be less severe and occur the least often (I think it's something like less than 10% of collisions are rear impact... my brain is telling me 4%, but don't quote me), and using the top tether rear facing greatly stablizes the seat in front impact, side impact, and roll over collisions (all occuring much more often with far worse consequences) it seems to make sense to rear tether if you have a seat that allows for it. (wow, looong sentence, sorry!)

With all of that said, using a rf seat untethered is still extremely safe. :thumbsup:

*Personally*, for a newborn, I would Not rf tether. I'd use noodles to get a solid 45 degree angle, and suggest they wait until baby is about 6mos or so (which is what I did with my now 9m/o). But again, it's a personal decision. :twocents:


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Cool. I am/was a little worried about convincing them that the RF tether is bad for their newborn, but should be used once he gets older.

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I have no problem RF tethering infants (of course I would recommend not using a Britax from birth ;)) and I would absolutely do it. The benefits in frontal and side impacts vastly outweighs the potential side effects that could happen in a rear impact, which as mentioned before are usually much more low-speed. :twocents:


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If it were my child, I probably wouldn't RF tether a newborn or small infant.

It's not a rear-impact that worries me, but the rebound after a frontal crash. If the seat isn't tethered, the whole seat will move with the baby. If it's tethered, the baby's head will move forward while the seat and the rest of the baby's body stay in place.

Once the child is older and has a stronger neck, I'd be ok with it. But for small infants, it makes me uneasy.

It's certainly not WRONG to tether it (if it's allowed, which it is in this case), and I wouldn't discourage someone else from doing it, but I would explain the theories.


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I have used the RF tether since my son got to use to BV at 6 weeks old. I never thought twice about it. If it was bad Britax of all companies would have told us. SO I have no worries about it.

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