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Well, my husband and I decided that the difficult adjuster strap was a deal-breaker on the TrueFit. It turned out to be a good thing, though!

I tried the NextFit (again), the Peg PVC, and the RForever at BRU yesterday. After my first round with the NF and others, I realized I could make my rear-view mirror higher, allowing me to see over seats better, so more seats work now. The RForever fit, but blocked too much of my blind spot. The NF didn't block it a bit! It also had the easiest harness adjuster.

So the NF is the winner so far, but the G4 Roundabout is interesting to me, too. It is made in the US, I can get an ARB, no flame retardants, fairly inexpensive, etc. I know it won't last as long, but it would last at least a couple years RF. By then maybe there will be something else as nice as the NF but made in the US, has ARB, etc.

So, does the RA have the super short crotch strap like the CT seats? Is the recline likely to be on the deep side on fairly flat seats? Is the belt fit with the infant pillow the same as the G4 Blvd? (V will likely not hit 22 lbs until at least 15 months, she is 17 lbs at 10 months.) I would be installing it with a lap/shoulder belt in the center.

Any feedback is appreciated!


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We've got the G4 Roundabout in Sliverlake. No on the super short crotch strap. Not sure how to answer about the recline. It's not a deep as our Maxi Cosi on recline 3, that's all I really have to compare it too. I've installed with both seat belt and latch and both are a breeze. We didn't get it until my daughter was 18 months old, so we never had to use the infant insert. But unlike the infant insert on out Boulevard and Marathon, which was a 3 side surround type thing, this one was like an air pillow that lifts them up. The only thing I don't love about it is the no rethread, but in the grand scheme of things I also don't find that to be all that big of a deal.


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Yay on the crotch strap! The recline comparison does help, actually. I think I had the Pria on recline 2 when I tried it in my car.

I think the boulevard I put her in had the pillow you describe, it was a firm wedge without sides to speak of. The hip strap fit was really low on her, to the point that I didn't think she would be able to bend her legs. Of course, that was a few months ago. She rode in her cousin's Advocate 70 CS last week without any insert, and the fit was fine, if slightly high on the hips. I will try her in a Marathon when I can to check the fit again.

I am not a huge fan of no-rethread. I like to see when she is at the next slot. I also find the Hugs pads and click to tight feature annoying. I like the simple harness pads, though.


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No experience with recent Britax convertibles, but I briefly had a NF and found it didn't need additional ARB protection. The curve of the seat in every seat I put it in made it impossible to tip once installed.
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No experience with recent Britax convertibles, but I briefly had a NF and found it didn't need additional ARB protection. The curve of the seat in every seat I put it in made it impossible to tip once installed.
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Yep. I have our nextfit installed in the third row of our Mazda 5 right now, and the foot of the seat is almost to the top of the vehicle seat . There is no way that seat is rebounding!

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Yep. Nextfit shape seems to work like ARB. I think they even mention something about it on the box (not that manufacturer marketing is the be-all/end-all).


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I was told in a previous thread that the NF passed Canadian testing without any added ARB features. I was just hoping to get something not made in China and without flame retardant chemicals. A year ago when I bought my KF, I had no choices that were not made in China, and I was hoping I could make a different choice this time. :( I was also hoping that in two years there would be something that checked all my boxes, but there is no way to know that. If the CT Blvd was more usable for me, it would be perfect!

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