Newer Rear-facing gallery?


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I believe I have finished resizing the existing pictures in the gallery. If your child already was in the gallery, please check that the picture was resized and that the caption information is correct. There was a lot of copying and pasting, and while I was careful, mistakes can happen.

I have received several more pictures posted in this thread, via email and PM. I have not started working on uploading those yet. If you recently submitted pictures and haven't done so already, please send a PM to Admin and Rear Facing Gallery giving permission. I can't post your picture if I don't get the PM.
For all those who have submitted photos for the Car-Seat.Org album, I would appreciate it if you would please send a note to with a copy to with permission to post your photo(s). You may request that they be removed at any time by sending another PM to either one of us.
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There are some in the Google album that aren't in the album, but I'm assuming those are some you are still working on. Would that be correct?

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I did remove a few, like the above poster's and the Avenue with the child over 36 inches, because they showed misuse.
Can you let people know why their photos either weren't posted or taken down? I don't think I added my kids' heights when I sent the photos in, but I do know them and they fit the manufacturer's specifications.


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Can you let people know why their photos either weren't posted or taken down? I don't think I added my kids' heights when I sent the photos in, but I do know them and they fit the manufacturer's specifications.
I believe I only removed two, the Avenue with child over the limit and the Roundabout with strap covers.

As for pictures not being put up, I haven't added any photos at all yet. I have resized the pictures that Maggie uploaded. I will start working on uploading new pictures soon.


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I hope it's okay to bump this thread. I know we have some new seats in the mix since this album was creating and I'm wondering if we have any volunteers to add pictures of their children in new seats.


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Wish I could! I have all big kids riding RF in all manner of seats, but I can't post then on the interwebz :(


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I have an updated picture of Charlie. Nothing new or anything, but she's a lot older now! The only thing "wrong" with the pic is the booster in the front seat, not that it was ever actually used there...I put it there to get it out of my way. :p

4 years, 8 months, 33 lbs, 39". You can add in that rear-facing keeps her at a nice angle to prevent her from dropping her head and closing off her airway (trach).


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DD on her 6th birthday in an XTSL. DS is 2years,11months in the background in a Marathon65. DD was about 40lbs (45lb RF limit XT), 43inches and DS was 29lbs and 35inches:

DD at 4 years, 3 months (Complete Air) and DS at 14 months (Radian65) Totally guessing at size: DD 35lbs, and probably around 38 or 39 inches. DS was 23lbs and 30 inches? I'm totally guessing at the height:


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