Question Newborn in Boulevard ClickTight?


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I have a Keyfit and one base but was just planning on moving it from vehicle to vehicle as needed.
I have no intention to use the Keyfit as a carrier, it will stay in the car and I will take baby out of it.
I planned to get a Boulevard ClickTight when the Keyfit was outgrown at 12-18 months.

However, the Boulevard CT has a 10 year life span! My short kids hit 65lbs around 7 or 8.
So I'm thinking I might use it as a second seat earlier to get more use out of it.

I will be using 2 vehicles most of the time while occasionally putting baby in a 3rd vehicle.
It would be MUCH easier to have a dedicated seat (Blvd CT) for the main vehicle (which is the hardest to install in).

I know from the review that it appears the Boulevard CT will fit a large newborn well.
I'm just wondering what the odds are that it would fit a small newborn (6lbs, 18 inches) from birth?

If baby is likely to fit with the newborn insert at that size, I would happily buy it in June and use it from birth.
If not then I will just suffer a couple of months moving the Keyfit around until baby is a bit bigger and get it then.

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:


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I say the next time you see a great deal, just buy it. Like you said, with a 10 year lifespan you aren't going to lose any time letting it chill for a while if baby doesn't fit in it right away! :
And yea, I am an enabler :dance: heehee

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I say the next time you see a great deal, just buy it. Like you said, with a 10 year lifespan you aren't going to lose any time letting it chill for a while if baby doesn't fit in it right away! :
And yea, I am an enabler :dance: heehee

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Thank you. That is pretty much my plan.
Although since I do have someone to install it for me and another seat I am happy waiting till June.

I am just hoping someone is going to say "Yes, I put my 6 pound newborn in it, here's a picture!"
That's probably wishful thinking though. I'm fairly confident from the review that it WILL work.
Since it worked without the infant padding for an 8/9 pound 20 inch doll. I think I'm safe.

I am going to play with it at BRU soon to make sure it will work and recline enough in my car.
As long as that is the case I think I will be comfortable getting it a month or so before birth. :dance:

I was already excited but I must admit that getting to buy a new carseat has me a bit more excited. :spit:


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I saw a fellow CPST post pictures of her still fresh newbie (less than 5 weeks old if I recall correctly) in a Boulevard CT. Baby fit very well. No head slump at all. The hip straps routed very low over the thighs which looked a bit funky but fit was overall very good. It looked much better than newborns I've seen in the Chicco NextFit.

I'm expecting #3 in March and will be using a Coccoro from birth in hubby's car but I'm debating between buying a new KeyFit (our old one expired) versus starting with a Boulevard CT from birth in my car. I babywear 95% of the time but do occasionally like the ability to use the carry feature of a bucket in certain situations (particularly when eating out at restaurants). The frugal side of me hates to blow $145 on a new KeyFit just to use for 6ish months. I know that money would be so much better spent on a Boulevard CT.


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I am glad someone has seen a newborn in the seat.
I am really feeling good about a newborn fitting as long as I can get good recline in my car.

I have some free time tonight so I am going to go look at the Blvd CT.
I won't have my car but it'll be nice to play with it anyway. I will have an 18 inch doll with me too. :rolleyes:

That is why I didn't buy a new infant seat... I couldn't justify the expense when I wanted a convertible anyway.
Honestly the ONLY time I remove the infant seat from the car is if baby is sleeping and I don't want to wake baby up.
I even used to do that with the MA and BLVD if the girls REALLY needed sleep.

I plan to wear baby when I take baby out of the car anyway.
With my girls, they were winter babies so I occasionally used the bucket.
However, for a summer baby at a restaurant I would wear baby or we'd be with family and baby would be held.


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CT convertibles should fit smaller newborns well. You'll have to ditch the HUGS pads but the harness slots are low enough for most full term babies, even the smaller ones. I have pics of the preemie doll in the MA CT here:

As you can see, the harness straps are too high for the tiny doll but it's not a terrible fit either. Should be fine for a 6+ pound baby. HTH!

Awesome, I didn't look at that one, just the Boulevard review. :rolleyes:
I knew I'd need to ditch the HUGS which is fine.
6.5 inches to the bottom slot with the insert. Yes, I think that is certainly manageable!
Since I will have the Keyfit as well, I am definitely quite confident that we will be fine to buy the Blvd CT in June. :thumbsup:

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