New Seat for Grandma's car - Advice Needed


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Short Version:
DD has maxed out the height on her Turbo with Safety Surround, so it's time to get her a new seat. Suggestions?

Long Version:
Current plan is to pass the Turbo w/ Safety Surround to DS (who is complaining vociferously about the Evenflo Sureride that he currently uses in Grandma's car)
DS is 8y6m old, 49.25" tall and 53lbs.
He has GHD and a bone age delay, but thanks to growth hormone treatment is now ON the growth chart. His doctor has not done a bone age scan in 1.5 years, so we no longer know the extent of his bone age delay. However, we are comfortable moving him to a HBB part time.
He still rides in a Britax Frontier in the 2 main cars. (He calls them his "thrones", loves them, and has plenty of room to grow. I don't think we will have to move him out of them any time soon)

DD is 10y4m old, approximately 53" tall and approximately 65lbs. Her shoulders are even with the belt guides on the Turbo with the backrest in its highest position.
Plan is to move her to a backless booster in grandma's car. (She rides in a Recaro Vivo and Recaro Performance Booster in the 2 main cars - This booster might become one of her main boosters when she outgrows the hbbs in the main cars.)

lightweight (must be easy for grandma/grandpa and/or dd to move around)
available in pink (for now) and able to buy replacement covers when DS gets older and we (possibly) pass it down
has armrests (DD already nixed the incognito)
has a cupholder (other reason she nixed the incognito)
good beltfit on skinny kids
will fit well in a 2006 Toyota minivan and 2010ish Toyota Prius (I can't try it in those cars before buying it - so best bets are helpful)

Cost doesn't matter

Currently looking at:
Graco Affix
Clek Olli
(Grandma and grandpa never buckle the seats back in, but latch isn't mandatory)

Am open to other ideas - Suggestions? What would you recommend and why?


If the one Graco is outgrown then they all probably are.

Any of the Diono boosters should work they go up to 63in and have latch. Another possible seat is the Britax Parkway SGL which also goes up to 63in and has LATCH. Our 11yo is still fitting comfortably in the SGL even while using the high back portion.


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Thanks for the ideas.

How is the fit in the Diono boosters? I haven't tried them because the only one I've used is the Monterey (back in 2012) and it was too wide for my DD. Do the newer ones fit narrower kids better? If they do, I'd consider the Diono Solano backless.

I have no interest in the Parkway. We've bought 2 of them. One when DD was 5 and the other when she was 7. Both fit her HORRIBLY. She is just too narrow for it. I suppose it is possible that Britax has redesigned it, but I've already had to get rid of 2 and have no desire to have to find a home for a 3rd.

If we get DD the Affix, we'd get the backless version. She still fits the backless turbo, but I see no reason to buy a hbb for DS when I can pass the HB Turbo to him and get DD a new backless booster.

The only backless boosters we have used are the bubblebum (while traveling) and the Harmony Youth booster (again while traveling). I've gotten a few others for my nieces, but I haven't used them Day-in and day-out, so my backless knowledge is limited.

I started also looking at the Chicco GoFit Backless Booster. Anyone have input on that one?
Any input on the backless Graco Affix or backless Clek Olli?


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My 8 year old uses a backless Affix almost exclusively (except on long trips where he might fall asleep—then we pull out a high back Spectrum) and it works great for him. He has short legs and a long torso, if that matters at all.

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