New instititional seat- Combi Navette 22


Too bad the harness is not lower, since it starts at birth.

From the CPS listserv

Combi USA is delighted to announce that the Navette 22 is in production and
will be available from Child Source (a.k.a. Mercury Distributing) in early
September. Child Source is currently accepting pre-arrival orders. To place
your order, please contact Child Source at 1-800-815-6330 or email

Child Source is offering a special institutional price of $64.50 each. The
Navette 22 is sold in 3-packs without the base. The Navette 22T Instruction
Manual does state (in several locations) that the base is available but not
included with the restraint.

Combi USA will NOT have any Navette 22T seats available for demo or for
sale. Advocate pricing for demo seats is also NOT available through Combi
USA. Please contact Child Source for information about single seat




~Weight Limits: Birth-22 pounds

~Harness Type: 5-point

~Harness Length Adjustment Loops: 2 (adjustable at metal harness plate -
a.k.a. splitter plate)

~Harness Tightening: Front Adjust - single pull strap to tighten, adjuster
lever on front to loosen

~Rebound Management Technology: INCLUDED (Anti Rebound Bar)

~Side Impact Tested: YES

~Infant Minimum Seated Height Capacity: There is no lower-most torso height
requirement as long as ALL THREE elements below are met:

**(1)** Harnesses can be tightened enough to be snug

-- AND --

**(2)** Harness retainer clip does not occlude the airway

-- AND --

**(3)** The premature infant tolerates the maximum allowed recline when
tested in the hospital setting according to AAP Angle Tolerance Testing
Protocol and all AAP Recommendations for discharging premature or
low-birth-weight infants are followed

~Infant Maximum Seated Height Capacity: 18" (Measured when seated upright
from child's bottom to top of head.)

~Harness slots: 7" / 9.25" / 11.5"

~Widest Point (outer-most dimensions at handle hub): 16.5"

~Seat Back Height: 19"

~Seat Pan Depth: 11.5"

~Correct Carrier Handle Position During Travel: UPRIGHT - in carry position
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Not a tech but I love to learn about new car seats. Great to see that it is a 5 point with FRONT if only they all would be :rolleyes:
I know institutional seats can't be deluxe, but I really wish it came with a base.
I completely agree with this, but, it mentions an anti-rebound bar. I wonder it that will make it easier to install, as the seat will stay at a proper angle? Anyone want to chime in on that?

Has anyone seen pics?

This has come up a few times here and on another board I frequent, about parents needing a seat for a preemie who is under either 5 or 4 pounds. I would love to see how it works :)

Edited: Anyone know where the belt path is? Is it between the handle and the antirebound bar?

Edited again :)

I figure since I googled...


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Thanks for the picture pp. The seat looks a lot nicer then I thought it would. I like the harness pads that come on it.


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It looks like the Shuttle 22 without the infant insert. PP, the anti-rebound bar makes baseless installs a dream. SOOOO easy. The belt path is between the anti-rebound bar and the handle.


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It looks like a much better choice than the other institutional seats:) It appears to be the shell of the shuttle 22, but has harness slots instead of the no-rethread movable headrest thing.


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Combi is soon coming out w/ the Navette that will distributed by Mercury. The seat will be sold in boxes of 3 for 64.50 each and parents can later buy a base from Mercury as well for 43.40 I think it was. The Navette is a stripped down Shuttle 22 and will be able to be used from birth. Combi says they have no problems w/ the straps being above the baby's shoulders assuming the straps can get tight and everything else fits. Since it's sold w/out a base, the infant seat will be LATCH compatible and it installed really easily on the test bench. The anti-rebound bar helps a lot w/ that! I have some pics I'll get up soon of Liv in it and then empty. This was the only prototype out there so I felt honored to see it, lol.


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I would proudly use that, institutional seat or not. I'm sure I can't just go buy the 3 pack myself as a consumer, but I really like the looks of that seat.


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Would love to see more pics! Anyone know how the lap-shoulder belt is routed on this one?


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ok i may be a dope, but are we talking 64 per seat, or 64 for the 3 pack?
If this is the three pack these would be cheeper than the rear adjust snugrides we use as giveaways that i HATE.


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Okay... I may be dumb, but what is the definition of an "institutional seat'?
It's a seat that is either given out for free or very low cost- about $25. Often seats are given to those who are on some sort of government assistance. Sometimes the infant seats are just given to those who don't have an appropriate seat for their baby to come home in.


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Oh, I gotta make a phone call. I've got a reason to try to get my hand on this. I need a birth weighted seat.... for triplets


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Sorry for the thread necromancy... Does anyone have a current contact email at Child Source? Their website has three pack pricing but not single or base pricing, and I emailed to inquire at the email in the press release, and it bounced back undeliverable.

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