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DS1 is covered for quite awhile.

DS2 is in RF R100s. I don't plan to change that in my vehicle any time soon, but DH wants to FF him in his car, and it certainly would make travel easier. He's roughly 32 pounds and 38 inches, and 3 years old.

DS3 is huge. He's 5 months old and just about to hit the 30 inch height limit in his KF30. I already moved him to a CCO in my car, but we need something else for the Ody.

We really want something that will work in the +1 seat. I was thinking the new Safety 1st seat, but that thing is ginormous, and hoisting him in sounds kind of gross, and bnsnyde has said that it really ONLY works RF in the +1 because of FTB space. It seems like something that might be great for ERF when he's older and climbing and smaller car seats aren't cutting it.

I'm seriously considering a Scenera NEXT for the baby. I think I can get harness pads from Dorel for it (checking), it's cheap so if we don't like it, it can be a spare, and it LOOKS like it should work in the +1. Of course if it doesn't work there, we're back to the drawing board. I'm open to alternate suggestions. We could put him outboard while we figure it out, too.

That leaves DS2. I don't think I want to use the R100 FF. I'm planning to use it for DS3 in my car when he outgrows the CCO, which will probably happen in less than a year. Also less SIP than I want for FF.

Option 1: get the Recaro Pro like I'd been planning. When DS3 outgrows whatever 40lb/40in seat he's in in the Ody, see what's on the market, and maybe get the Safety 1st seat then.

Option 2: get the Safety 1st seat now and use it FF for DS2. By the time DS3 needs the Safety 1st seat RF, DS1 will be boosterable full time, and his FR90 can be passed down to DS2.

Option 1 sort of hedges bets about what higher weight/height seats will be on the market in a couple years. I'm hoping something a little more compact will come out. Option 2 is cheaper, really all around. I could get a Safety 1st gigantor that never once gets used RF, and a dedicated booster for him later, and that would be less than the Recaro, and I still have more options. It's not narrow like the Recaro at the base, which means the center 3rd row seat will likely never be usable, but I'm sort of doubting our need to use it any time in the near future anyway. (Extended family was supposed to be moving to town. But I've stopped holding my breath.)

Thoughts? Crystal ball readings?


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Tried him out in the LX display at Target today just for kicks. Not that I didn't believe the reviews, but it's different when you see your own kid in it. Holy leg room, Batman!


The infant insert was semi-permanently attached on the display, so I just got it as out of the way as possible under his knees.

He says he likes it. I'm sort of leaning toward it. Voting with my dollars and all.


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I did, just yesterday!

"The generic harness cover set for this carseat is black and gray and would be a total of $4.63 which includes the shipping. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Money Orders for payment. If you would like to pay with a credit card please call us at 1-800-544-1108 and give your reference number of..."


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(And I ordered a zebra stripe NEXT last night. Haven't actually managed to call Dorel during business hours to order harness pads...)


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I tried to call Dorel today about a different issue and their phone queue wasn't accepting callers. I hope you have better luck.


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I ran into the same issue. Then I tried again and sat on hold for 20 minutes. Then I had to hang up.


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