Neighbor never buckles her child in at all!


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I don't post on here much but I am seeking advice. I live in a townhome community so am in close proximity with my neighbors. We are outside a LOT with my 3 kids and I have witnessed my neighbor drive away with her child not buckled in countless times. This little girl is FOUR!

The mom just opens the door for the child, lets her hop in, and closes the door behind her. And as they drive away, you can see she is on the edge of her seat watching us (probably bc she is so sad HER parents never take her out to play!!). Its the same when they go in the dad's truck, she is usually on her knees looking out the back at us as they drive away. Its so sad!! They don't even care at all!

One time I saw them drive away with the girl on the dad's lap in the truck as he was driving! That time I did call the police but I don't think they were caught. That is the only time I have reported anything, bc I felt it was especially irresponsible (our neighborhood is off of a busy 2-way road!).

What would you do? My sister says to report child neglect to the state but I don't want them to know it was me (even though it is anonymous, who else would report them?) plus its kind of hard to prove. I have tried to take videos and movies (under the guise I am filming my kids) but it just doesn't show up on camera. Plus again, I don't want her to know it was me since I have to live next to them. I also don't want to talk to her bc she is really nasty and mean. I thought about feigning ignorance and being like "Oh my gosh, you forgot to buckle her in! I did that once and felt so horrible!" :eek:


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Completely unrestrained young child in a moving vehicle, assuming it's against state law? I call 911 for that. I just did it the other day Brand new minivan barreling down the freeway at 70 mph, 3 year old girl sitting in a woman's lap, bouncing around. They took it very seriously and I was able to give a plate number, so hopefully they got them.

To be clear I DON'T call 911 for, like, misuse of a seat. But if I see kids bouncing around in a moving car, assuming I can call safely, I do it.


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Well I did that once, and I even was able to say what direction they went (bc I watched them go to the end of our development and see what way he turned) but mostly I just see them leave their driveway and go out of view (I have my own 3 toddlers to keep an eye on as well!). But maybe I will write down their plate numbers one day as inconspicuously as I can so that next time I can report it with real info.


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DH said when we move out, he is going to slap a bumper sticker on her car that says "I never buckle my child into her carseat, honk if you think I'm a bad mom!" LOL :D

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If you are absolutely sure that the child isn't buckling herself in once she gets in the car (which is sounds as if you are sure of!), I would absolutely call the police.

How close are you to this neighbor? Is this something you feel comfortable talking to the neightbor about?

Sorry about all the prepositions at the ends of sentences. I am tired. :eek:


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It's ok, I like ending sentences in prepositions, it's what I'm all about :D

But seriously, I am not close with her one bit. We moved in almost a year ago now and this neighborhood is pretty ghetto! So not cool to look for houses in new towns when you have no idea what is what! It *looked* nice. :rolleyes:

She seems pretty mean and tough. I think I would have more luck with the dad bc he always tries to put on this dad of the year show but I just wouldn't feel comfortable talking to either one just because they are so awful. I don't want to live uncomfortably next to them for the next 2 years (we decided to stay here until my DH finishes school bc the rent is reasonable and the inside of the house is great- don't worry, the neighborhood is safe). I would feel better about playing stupid and being like "omg did you know she wasnt buckled? I did that once and felt so bad" (insert fake laugh here).

But no she is NOT buckling herself in. Do you think they care? Heck no! I have seen them leave and come home with her bouncing around the backseat. I live on the corner (she is next door to me) so I see them drive all the way around my house with her on the edge of her seat watching us. It's awful :(


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It shouldn't be too hard for you to get their license plate number. Definitely call and report them! I would keep reporting them until I saw them change their ways. It's hard to believe there are parents who are still naive or ignorant enough to do things like that with the way people drive these days. I hope the police will educate them.


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Talking to them isn't going to do anything anyway. Maybe she doesn't realize her kid should be in a booster or a five-point, but I'm sure she's heard of seatbelts by now. If it was the case of she was belted, but not boostered, you could mention it politely, but this is clearly the case of just not caring.

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