Question Need advice on backpack diaper bags!


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After years of being annoyed with my diaper bags falling off my shoulder I'm finally going to get new ones. I'm looking for 2 different ones (a small one and a large one).

I'm not looking to spend a lot of money though I'm willing to spend more on the larger one since I want it to be able to withstand the wear and tear of traveling.

I really really love the idea of something with the wipes accessible from the outside! [ame=""] Simply Good Smart Square Diaper Tote Bag, Orange: Baby[/ame]

I also love compartments and pockets to keep stuff super organized!
I'm not looking for anything girly and care much more about functionality than looks. :)

Smaller one will be used mainly for 2.5 yr old and 18 month old for things like running to the store and eating out. It needs to carry:
-a small first aid kit (from the travel section at Target)
- wipes!
- diaper cream
- 2 or 3 diapers (size 3)
- 2 or 3 diapers (size 4)
- 2 or 3 disposable changing pads
- 2 playtex sippy cups
- 2 munchkin snack cups
- pacifier wipes
- 4 disposable bibs
- mini board books and crayons
- couple small toys
- my wallet and cell phone. (I carry a small mens wallet and hoping for an iphone for Christmas!) would really like to be able to hear my cell phone when it rings.

larger one will be used for day trips/zoo trips and plane/car travel. 5 kids ages 6, 4, 3, 2.5 and 18 months. Needs to carry same as above plus:
- extra diapers
- larger pack of wipes
- blanket for 18 month old
- change of clothes for 18 month old & 2.5 yr old
- bag for dirty/wet clothes
- 3 or 4 pullups
- foldup changing pad
- 2 small non-disposable bibs
- travel size infant/kids medicine and infants gas-x
- another playtex sippy cup
- another munchkin snack cup or three
- possibly extra pants for 3 and 4 yr old.
- possibly 2 small water bottles
- whatever else im missing!!

kinda wondering about the ergo backpack also as seems super convenient as both 18 month and 2.5 yr old love to ride in the ergo.

advice, thoughts, comments - all would be appreciated greatly!! THANKS :)


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I actually have thought about doing that. I need organization and LOVE to have pockets and compartments for everything though so was wondering about getting a backpack and adding one of the diaper bag organizer inserts to it. . ??? Do you have any backpacks you would recommend? I would like one that has a pocket on the outside for the wipes container so I can just quick grab them out instead of having to dig in the bag. Also a convenient place to put my cell phone would be nice. I have been using a toddler sized backpack for quick trips out but with just the front pocket and inside area it seriously lacks organization. :-( Works really well for just the older kids but with the 2.5 yr old and the 18 month old I really need something more organized.
Thanks for the help :)


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I have this backpack diaper bag: [ame=""]Petunia Pickle Bottom Tigris Roll Boxy Backpack:Amazon:Baby[/ame]

That's a link not a video, don't know why it says that. Anyway, I LOVE it!!! It hangs on my stroller handles, has LOTS of pockets, and has a "changing pouch" in the front that holds the wipes, diapers and changing pad. So it's super quick and easy access to that stuff!

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