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So we have been using R's old tv, it's like 24 inches, for a long while now. But tonight there's a black band at the top of the tv so I know it's time for a new tv. My old tv was an expensive Samsung, it was like 8+ years, pretty clear and the sound was nice. I believe it was a 720P, as is the one we are using now. I like clear pics, my eyes aren't so great, but I hate fuzzy stuff, it just eats at me, and both those tvs I have a hard time reading on them. A lot of tvs I have seen in the stores are fuzzy.

I'm trying to decide on if I want/need a 720p or a 1080p, the problem is all the 1080P tvs are smart tvs, I don't want a smart tv.

I will be sitting anywhere from 7-11 feet from it.

I don't want to spend more than $200 with a warranty, but that is not likely, unless I buy a 32 in 720p, and from BB which will take about a week to get here.

There is a tv I'm looking at, it is the smart version, 1080p, of the above I mentioned, both at Target and BB, both $199.

Targets warranty is $39 for 3 yrs and can't get it until Sept. 9, and 5% off. So it's $238. Store is local, for repairs.

Best Buys warranty is $39 for 5 yrs, get it on Sept. 6, $250 and store is not local.



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Is there a reason you want the warranty on the TV? It seems like the chances of something going wrong in the first few years are pretty slim. I'm not sure how old our TV is (6-8 years probably) but there haven't been any issues with it.

I've been looking a little at 32" TV's lately, we still have an old Tube TV in our bedroom and the poor quality of the picture compared to our other TV is starting to drive me nuts. I'm also looking for something that's 1080p and not a smart TV (already have a Roku box for it). Are you looking for something larger than a 32"? I don't see it online but when I was at Best Buy last week they had a Samsung 32" for about $220 (although if that's not close to you it doesn't help much).

I'm not sure how much of a noticeable difference there is between the 720 & 1080. I'll be curious to see if anyone has both and notices anything (I haven't done any research since we got our last TV).


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This fits your budget. and this Walmart has easy returns if you don't like it and inexpensive 3rd party warranties if you really want one. TCL is a good brand and has some new TV's out that are getting good reviews. I'm sure that one doesn't have the same features, but should be decent especially at that price. We have 2 older Vizio TV's and they've been great. The Vizio I linked shows to be available in store for me so you might be able to just go pick it up.

We have a 4k TV with HDR, Dolby Vision and all sorts of fancy stuff along with a 1080p in our bedroom and a 720p in the kitchen. Yes, there is a noticible difference in the picture between them (less so with 720p and 1080p though), but the 720p isn't terrible. My understanding also is that screen size matters and the difference is even less noticible on smaller TV's. It's hard to judge a TV by how it looks in the store because bright lighting and possibly poor source or messed up picture settings can affect it. Really you just have to try for yourself with the source available to you (cable sometimes doesn't give as a clear a picture as free antenna for example) and see if you're happy with it. GL!


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I always get a warranty, things just usually go wrong for me, and a lot of reviews have these tvs going out in like 6 months to a year. I was trying to look into Walmart last night, and the Vizeo D series because that's what I was looking to buy, the problem was the site wasn't working well for me then, still isn't. I could have picked that one up last night but didn't want to drive that far.

Tv is working again, but I wonder how long. The top part of the screen dimmed out, like a picture tube blew out.

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