Need a good/cheap booster



I need recommendations for a good booster seat for our second vehicle. It is for my 8 year old DD. She's about 4'3" and around 54lbs.

This is not our primary vehicle, but my husband does drive her to school -about 6 blocks- on cold weather days. I just can't afford another Britax model right now.

I went to Wal-Mart, and they had several other brands including:
Graco -Turbo Booster
Evenflo -Big Kid Booster
Cosco - Protek (or something like that?)
Graco - Cargo
Cosco - High back booster
and a few backless boosters (Graco & Cosco)

Out of all of these, can you recommend any of them?
I would prefer to spend under $50

Thanks for your help,


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My boys are in Graco Turbo Boosters, and for any parent they would be my second choice after a Britax Parkway.

Why are my own kids in my 2nd choice seat? Because when we bought the original ones the PW wasn't in our price range (we had a severe car crash 3 yrs ago and needed the two seats IMMEDIATELY) and when we had another crash last year the insurance company would only replace them with the exact same seat. lol


Backless Turbo Boosters or the High Back ones?

Also, I have seen several new Combi boosters on Ebay in our price range.
Are these any good?


There is one in particular - the Kobuk - It looks like it has good side-impact protection and it looks fairly comfortable. Does anyone have this or know much about it?


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The Kobuk does have nice side wings and EPS foam, but the lapbelt guide is buckle a child in you have to route the lapbelt through these tiny little slits in the wings surrouding the child's legs (I hope that makes sense, if not, look at a big picture of the Kobuk). I heard children find it uncomfortable, too. :(

The Turbo is my #2 recommended booster, only behind the Parkway. Well, I recommend the Recaro Start sometimes, too...but not as a secondary seat. Something to remember about the Turbo's armrests: the lapbelt gets routed UNDER the armrests, not over them. If you think your dh won't be able to figure that out, consider a Parkway (doesn't have armrests) or the Evenflo Big Kid (flip-up armrests). I don't usually recommend the Big Kid, though...because it doesn't have EPS foam or as deep of side wings as the Parkway and Turbo.


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I remember Jools had a Kobuk, but I think she didn't recommend it well -- the highback Graco Turbo is a great booster ... very comfortable, EPS foam, easy to adjust, great price & has more fabric choices for kiddo to be part of the decision making process :) The Britax Parkway has deeper head wings & similarly comfortable seat padding, neat fabric options, adjusts just as easily, but is more expensive -- the shape of the seat seems to accomodate smaller kids as well as bigger kids real well, though! We have both; kids & adults alike prefer the Parkway slightly over the Turbo ... the Recaro Young Start would be best for a wiggly kid in a vehicle without locking shoulder belts since it has a shoulder belt lock off (it has the most protective sides as the torso is filled with EPS, too, not just the head), but it's the most expensive & much heavier!

Sorry, for rambling, I know you said you can't afford an expensive seat -- guess it's one of those days -- these are just the top 3 boosters I recommend & with a limited budget I wouldn't recommended anything less than the Turbo ;)
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Just wanted to clarify that it's the Recaro START that has the shoulderbelt lockoff, not the Style (but the link goes to the Start page, so that's good). :)


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LMBO - alright, man, aaargh, I'm always slipping up Start/Style :rolleyes: I edited so it's fixed now ... but they could really do something about how confusing the names are - I'm constantly stuttering over this when I talk & type, both :p

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