nautilus uninstall question


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I have the nautilus installed FF with latch and I need to uninstall it to switch cars. The thing is, it is in so tight I can't maneuver the latch and I can't figure out how to loosen it using the thing n the side. I'm pressing and pulling etc. But it's not budging. Any ideas?


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Does the vehicle seatback recline? Sometimes reclining the seatback helps loosen the install. Or, put some weight into the seat, so it compresses just enough to allow for a tad bit of slack int he LATCH strap, so you can loosen it.


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I've had this problem too. What I did was get in it to loosen it and rock the adjuster to loosen it. Then to get the hooks out it helps to turn them 90 degrees. An alternative that I have also used is to recline the car's seatback, that should put some slack in the latch strap.


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Here are a couple things to try:

-Put all of your weight on the side with the release/tightening mechanism for the LAtch. If you push down on that side, you might create enough tension to allow it to slide.

-Recline the seat (as others mentioned) and wiggle the Nautilus side-to-side at the arm rests. You will have to use a little force, but it should loosen.

-Make sure you are pressing down on the gray part of the release/slider/tightening buckle thing. When ours was new, I had to use both hands the first couple times since it was tough to press down.

For future reference...the seat doesn't need to be 100% rock solid, never ever going to move. As long as you have less than 1 inch side to side or front to back movement at the belt path, it is tight enough. If you have to put your knee in the seat to get it tight, it's possible the seat is way too tight and could potentially cause damage. :D


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You might need to get someone else to help - preferably someone a bit heavier than you! Have them kneel in the seat while you push on the tilt-adjuster tab. They might need to bounce, and then you time your push on the tab with the bottom of their bounce.


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Can you access the latch adjuster tab? To release it, you have to press the tab away from the strap. Sometimes it can be difficult to get it going initially, but once you get that first "release" off the tab (may even feel it pop or give), it gets very easy to press the tab away from the strap/carseat and loosen all the way.


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Is there a button on the latch adjustor tab that I am supposed to squeeze? It looks like there is like an aluminum colored button but it does not squeeze in. My dh can't figure it out either.


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Is there a button on the latch adjustor tab that I am supposed to squeeze? It looks like there is like an aluminum colored button but it does not squeeze in. My dh can't figure it out either.

No, there is a metal tab you lift up. Let me grab a picture.

Edited to Add:

Here. The first picture is what the LATCH strap will look like when installed (just imagine a car seat there ;)).


This is the metal "tab" you lift up to loosen the LATCH strap, just as I'm doing in the picture. :)



You push out on it.

Does your vehicle seat recline?

Also, you do now that the nautilus IS a FF only seat, right?


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I used to have trouble too. Now I just put my knee in it like I am installing it and then lean over the side put my thumb on the the silver plate and push down and it comes right out.

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