Nautilus has not passed TC standards yet!


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I know we have been hearing that it is about to be released, but an email from Elfe Canada and also from a TC contact have said it has not yet been approved. I knew it was only submitted for approval in January, so I really do think it takes longer than that to get approved and hit the market.

Guess we can stop looking for a while.


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hmmmm, my contact said that it had been submitted to TC and was approved :rolleyes: I heard that it was just up to Graco to get all their labels and manuals done and that they had no plans of doing so but when I e-mailed Graco they looked into it and said that yes it was coming.

Thank you for taking the time to e-mail your inquiry. After some research I found that there will be indeed a Graco Nautilus in Canada. It will most probably be available in WalMart by the end of the month. I hope this answers your question.

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Crap! Do the labels and manuals have to be approved too? Is that perhaps what the hold up is? (ie. the seat has passed physical testing, now the documentation needs to be inspected?)


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The labels and manuals would need to be done for Canadian seats with French and English and the weight/height limits on them as well.


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The newest email I received from Elfe yesterday said it was not approved, so I again followed up with my TC person who indicated to me at Christmas that is was on the table for approval. They said it was not cleared yet. Now, I guess that COULD mean that the seat passed but it is not cleared for Canadian market due to manuals and labels.

It's still a wait and see game I think

Mara :)
Crap! I just discovered last night that DS1 is even with the top straps on the MA. We're planning to move the Radian from grandparents car back and forth until we come up with a better option. Not sure how long I'm willing to do that. He just turned 5, so I'd rather not move him to a booster before I have to.


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I was a bit surprised actually that someone posted about Graco said it would be available here late January when it was only considering to bring it to the Canadian market days prior. Usually it takes much longer and considering we (or TC rather) are just back from the holiday for only about a month.

This is just another wait-til-we-see-it-on-the-shelves carseat, I think.


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I am with you Tam. I think there may have been some confusion with the US release and CDN hoped release. We know that customer service people at Graco are not always the best informed, so they may have given info about a release timing it with a Memo for release in the US. Who knows, but certainly no date for market yet.

And watch, it'll show on shelves next week somehow and sneak in lol

Mara :)


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This is the response I got from Elfe Canada regarding the Graco Nautilus today.

Good evening,

The Nautilus is not yet available in Canada. Until it has passed
Canadian Testing, I can't say if and/or when it will be.

Keisha Loftman
Sales Assistant

Elfe Juvenile Products
5171 Thimens Boulevard
St. Laurent,QC
H4R 3C6

514-344-3533 ext 3006

So, it seems as we can quite looking for it to appear on the shelves anytime soon. We just need to keep emailing them and calling them, so they get sick and tired of it and speed the process up on the seat. LOL>.....If only it was that simple.

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