My 6yo fits rfing in the nextfit


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I just think that's awesome because he's already outgrown the radian rfing AND the nextfit takes up less front-to-back room. He wants to flip back but he's just a hair's breadth under the limit... and he's 6yo ;)... so I'll leave him ffing. To be fair if I had added the angle adjuster to get a more upright angle he might have fit longer in the radian.


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Are you using the nextfit ff for him? I wonder how it works out ff in terms of comfort. I feel like there is a slight pushing forward of the head in this seat which would be more pronounced if ff. I keep meaning to install ff and have one of my girls test it out but it's too freaking cold here lately to remove and reinstall car seats recreationally!

One of my almost 6yos still fits rf as well. :)

I really think this seat possibly beats the radian for rf. It is just as tall without the persnickety headwings issue. So much easier to install, so much easier to adjust, and the cup holder doesn't fall off if you breathe wrong. The leg room is not as good but it works.


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It just needs a 45 or 50 pound limit for me, lol. What size clothes are your 6yr olds who still fit wearing? I'm just curious if Quinn could still fit by height, he's well over the weight limit.


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My daughter wears a 4t in most jeans except for old navy's girls jeans she wears a 5t, although 4t boys' fits. Weird. Shirts I tend to get x-small or 5 depending on how they are labled. Stretchy pants also xs or 5. She's def. in the lower half of sizes for her age, if you try to pick her out of her class.

We tend to claim she is 4 for resturaunt purposes. :whistle:


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Yeah....... Quinn is growing into 6's/smalls. He still fits in 5's but he is starting to outgrow them.


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Yup, fits in the nextfit but has outgrown the radian by height (no angle adjustor used, but is braced on 2nd row seat ONLY for pics). The nextfit is taking up significantly less front-to-back room.

Once he was over the new seat excitement he said he preferred the radian. More room in the shoulders and for his legs to spread out. But I think the difference is slight enough that I wouldn't suggest anyone write it off for that. I think a kid raised in this seat wouldn't know better. And some kids might prefer it. My oldest likes "cozy seats" but my 2nd hates them.


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Forgot to add he's super skinny. You know how a long-haired cat or dog looks when shaved down or soaking wet? He's that skinny.


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I have no idea what size he wears. Hand me downs lol. He weighs 40lbs and is 113cm tall.

Same height/ little taller than Quinn (unless he's grown since he was last measured) and 8lbs lighter, lol. So if it had a higher weight, he could still RF in it for a little while longer :).


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Wow, my 2.5 YO is close to outgrowing the Radian RF...he is very tall.
After this we'll go FF. I am hoping we make it to 3! He is almost as tall as his 4 YO brother.

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