My 6yo and 17mo Sporting Zebra Stripes!


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My 6yo and 17mo Sporting Zebra Stripes! More pics and a question!

Just got my new Boulevard 70 in Zebra. I LOVE the fabric. I have not installed it yet, but will get to that soon. But I thought it would be fun to try out the boys in the new seat and get some pics before installing. So here they are:

My big boy got in first. He is 6yo, just hit 40lbs, and I think is 46' tall. Headrest and harness are at the top slot, and slot is above his shoulder. So surprised that he fit!



And with headrest down so you can see where his ears are in comparison to the top of the shell:

Then my small one decided to get in on the fun! He is 17mo, maybe 22lbs, and I have no idea how tall. Looks like he has plenty of room to grow.




I plan on taking more pics to compare the fit of my old BLVD 65 in the car vs. the new 70, as well as pics of how DS2 fits in the seat installed compared to the old one. So lots more pics to come! And if anyone has any requests for comparison pics, let me know and I will be sure to take some.
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Is the fabric soft and plush, like the Cowmoo? I love that zebra cover. I still wouldn't mind having that seat, especially since Chase is such a peanut. It would be more compact than the TFP I currently have.


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It kind of has a twill-like texture, and almost feels like it could be a cotton blend. I can tell by touch though that it is not a natural fabric. But not slick like Onyx, which I really detest.


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Uhm, I think the small one had a growth spurt last night :eek:. Would explain the fussiness the last few days. As you can see in the pics above, the headrest was well above his shoulders when I took the pics just a couple days ago. I have not taken pics yet, but I had to raise the headrest a full click this morning for his shoulders to clear. Oh no!!!! He CANNOT outgrow this seat :banginghead:!

Will try to take pics tomorrow of him in the seat again. And hopefully he will sit still enough for me to measure how much more shell he has. I think I need to get some cinder blocks from the yard and strap them to the top of his head :p. That works, right :eek:?


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I have to say I'm envious of your 22lbs 17 month old, its stupid I know, but I am :). My DS has been 90-95% for height and weight his whole life, at 18 months he was about 30lbs and about 36in tall. Currently (he'll be 3 in Sept) he is 40lbs and about 40in tall.


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I have to say I'm envious of your 22lbs 17 month old, its stupid I know, but I am :). My DS has been 90-95% for height and weight his whole life, at 18 months he was about 30lbs and about 36in tall. Currently (he'll be 3 in Sept) he is 40lbs and about 40in tall.

Jealousy is okay. I get jealous too.

Although my back is thankful for my itty bitty guys, it tears me up inside when my DS1 insists that he is going to grow up to be as big as his 6' tall daddy. I just don't see how. He is a full head shorter than some of the kids in his class, and I get asked all the time if he is 4. Poor guy. My boys take after their 5'1" mama, which I can't help but think will be hard on them as boys. I am jealous of those with kids that are at least average height on the growth charts. And of course there is the mama guilt of thinking somehow I am doing something wrong and stunting their growth :(.

My heart knows they are perfect just the way they are, but sometimes my head is just not in sync with the heart.


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My brother was like that, below average height, then he hit 10yrs old. And grew a guaranteed 3 or more inches a year until he was 6' tall. The men in my extended family (not my dad, he was 5'7") run tall, but it takes them a while to get into it. They may burst upward when they really hit puberty, you never know. But at least you know they aren't going to outgrow the seats you can afford before their skeletons are ready for the next step. I'm PRAYING my DS will make it to 5 in his True Fit, but I'm honestly worried he won't as he's already on the last slot (he got even with the 3rd, so I moved him up earlier this year) as I can not, and will not be able to afford to purchase him a seat to keep him harnessed longer.


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More pics! Took some pics showing the install of my old seat and new seat. Please ignore the less than optimal strap covers on the old seat.

Old seat. As you can see, seat was just touching the back of the driver side seat:


Two seats together out of the car. You can easily see that the shell height is shorter in the new seat. The second picture was taken to properly reflect the height difference as seen from the side:


New seat is in. There is much more room between the shell and the driver's seat:


And the small one in his new seat. Not quite as much growing room as the old seat, but a looks like he sits lower down with the seat installed than uninstalled. Big sigh of relief!



I had to tighten up the tether to get the proper angle on the seat (it was REALLY upright). So looks like I will be adding a towel or pool noddle under the seat. I should also note that I have the latch straps literally as tight as they can cinch down, and it was JUST enough to get the seat properly tight. I could see it being an issue with latch points that stick out any further than mine do. Mine are right at the seat bight.

And a quick question. When DS pushes with his feet, he can make the seat rock or bounce a bit (front to back like a rocking chair). Is that normal? My old seat had no bounce to the seat itself. Thanks!

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