Motorcycle and kids.

k's mommy

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Ok by law a child needs to be in a car seat right?

Said child is prob 4ish - from DS soccer only saw them riding away today

Is it legal? If it is how?

If not I will report this

I just can't see how that is safe.

If it matter this is in ON


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It looks like some years ago there was a bill up in Ontario which would disallow motorcycle passengers under the age of 14, but I can't find anything which says it passed which makes me think it didn't.

In the United States, there are exemptions to seatbelt laws (and child seat laws) for motorcycles (which makes sense- there are no seat belts on motorcycles, and there shouldn't be, so you can't very well require them to be worn); a few states have age-related limitations for motorcycle passengers, but most don't. So far as I can find, Ontario has a helmet law which makes the motorcycle rider responsible for him/herself and for any passenger under age 16 to be wearing a helmet (a passenger over 16 would be responsible for his or her own helmet wearing).

k's mommy

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Ive been looking but haven't found much.


I just don't see it safe. Yes he has a helmet but big deal. Better than nothing but cripes I wouldn't put my 4 yr old on one.


Regulation 596 of Ontario's Highway Traffic Act says:

10. (1) ...

(2) No person shall be carried as a passenger on a motorcycle operated on a highway except,

(a) in a side car designed to carry a passenger; or

(b) subject to subsection (3), on a seat that is situated to the rear of the seat provided for the operator and that is securely fastened to the motorcycle, which shall be equipped with foot rests for the passenger. R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 596, s. 10 (2).

(3) A person who is a passenger on a motorcycle operated on a highway and who is occupying the seat referred to in clause (2) (b) shall sit astride the seat in such a manner that his or her feet are placed upon the foot rests referred to in clause (2) (b). R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 596, s. 10 (3).


Would a 4 year old's feet reach the foot rests?

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I was wondering the same about a parent at the school on vespa type scooter with a 4-5yr old child on the back. Not sure if it's actually illegal, but it just doesn't seem safe, even with helmet.

My BIL rides a motorcycle and I was asking him about it (they don't put their DD on it), and he said even if it were legal, there would have to be small enough protective gear, like leather jacket, pants, etc to fit the child. This is coming from someone who swerved to avoid a raccoon on the road and crashed his bike, and whose leather gear protected him from injuries.


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Something I found... No motorbiking for passenger of 14 yrs and under Prohibition of passengers under 14 years old on motorcycles

Bill 117 38.1 No person shall drive or operate a motorcycle on a highway if another person under the age of 14 years is a passenger on the motorcycle.

Some discussions in 2008 when it came into law

Now this makes me wonder if the arguement would be if the bike is not on a "highway" (gotta look up the definition of a 'highway' in Ontario) and if the driver is actually under 14 yrs old (didn't check the actual Traffic Act yet)


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Something I found... No motorbiking for passenger of 14 yrs and under Prohibition of passengers under 14 years old on motorcycles

Some discussions in 2008 when it came into law

But so far as I can tell, that's a proposed bill didn't come into law. The discussion refers to "would outlaw" (not does), and the status on the legislative assembly page shows that it was "Ordered referred to Standing Committee" in December, 2008, where it has apparently stayed (not come out to the whole house committee, through its third reading, on to royal assent, and into force).

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