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I am having so much trouble finding a car seat that my son will fit in comfortably and will grow with him. I need one that will last a few years (preferably). I have considered harnessed booster seats that recline. But I am not sure what's available or my best option. We do consistently take long road trips. So he needs to be able to sleep in it. And I need to swap it from car to car regularly. So easy installation is a plus. Now here's the issue ~ my son is 35 inches tall weights just over 27 pounds, but he is 15 months old. Yup that's right 1 year 3 months old. He is almost off the charts on the height scale. And doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I put him in a Safety 1st Summit Booster Car Seat today at the store, and his shoulders came up to the 4th (out of 5) notch position for the shoulder straps. I think he would outgrow this seat quickly. And I want a car seat which will last a few years. The laws in the state I live in say he can be forward facing. So that gives me more options. But I am so lost on what is best for him. My budget is from free - $200.

Thanks so much


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Hi there!

At his age, rear-facing is a much safer option, and there are seats that will accomodate him rear-facing. Are you willing to consider that as an option? If so, the Graco MySize/Size4Me/Headwise or 4EVER/Milestone will likely work, as will the Diono convertibles, clek foonf, and probably some others.


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Luckily, on the scale of big kids we get posts about, he's a "little" big kid. Even more luckily, there are a lot of seats that he can still rear face in, since state law makers don't always have the anatomy background needed to understand how easily a 1 year old child can be injured if they are ffing in a crash.

Do you have a particular budget in mind?


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He should really be in a convertible rear facing until at least 2. While he is big, He is still a 15 month old. I had a big one too. I had a seat that rear faced until 40 lbs.

I would get a good convertible that will give you what you need now to rear face and later to ff longer.


My absolute max budget is $200, but $100 is more realistic. The problem we have with rear facing car seats is he is able to kick the rear window of my pickup truck. And he his legs are squished looking when he is not extended out. And he has already outgrown his Safety 1st convertible car seat. The shoulder straps start in the middle of his back, come up and then over his shoulders. Every time I am in a store with car seats I put him in them. I will try and find a local store that carries the GracoMySize and try sitting him in it. But my worries is it wont last even a year.


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My godson was well over the 97th percentiles for height and weight, he happily stayed rear facing until 3 when he outgrew his Evenflo Triumph by height rear facing. Until he was over 4 he still tried to climb into another RF seat I had in my car for a smaller child, so comfort wasn't an issue for him. Under $100, I would recommend the Evenflo SureRide. It will last to 40 pounds or 40" rear facing, and forward facing it will likely last him until he is ready for a booster around age 5 or so.


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It will last him. Trust me.

Graco has a $25 rebate going on right now, and with a little shopping that should bring the Graco convertibles down to your desired price range. The Contender (Walmart) has the lowest MSRP, although sometimes you can use coupons and other sales to get a better price on one of the other seats.

What you are looking for would be any of these seats:

Graco Contender (Walmart)
Graco Fit4Me (Wamart)
Graco MySize (Babies R Us)
Graco Headwise (Target)
Graco Size4Me (Everywhere else)
Graco 4Ever (BRU, but probably out of your price range unless you get lucky)
Graco Milestones (Not sure where this one is sold; it's very new).

I understand that his legs look squished. But if he feels cramped, he will stretch them up. And yes, he'll probably be able to reach the glass in your truck; that shouldn't be an issue unless you put heavy, hard-soled shoes on his feet. My daughter was able to rear-face until she was 42 inches tall (which is when she outgrew the weight limit of her RF seat) at age 3.5. She would have still been more comfortable RF but since she was past the weight limit there wasn't much more we could do.

Now, unless your child slows way down you probably won't make it to 3.5 rear facing. But there's no reason he can't make it to age two, and I promise any of these Graco seats will last him quite a while.


Headwise 70 is a great option. My kid is 38"/32lbs and fits well with room to spare. They're under $200.


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The Graco MySize is an awesome seat for big kids. My HUGE son (currently 42lbs, 42") was able to RF in it no problem. Great price too, especially with the rebate going on right now.

Squished legs during a car ride are better than a broken neck (or worse) in an accident!

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