Mariposa MA at Amazon for $184.99



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Oooh, I wonder if they will have the 35# RF limit since they're out of stock...that would make it worthwhile to buy another convertible seat for us! Thank you for posting!!


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lol! i was hoping there'd be still be some if i change my mind and order one....but that's what's cool about amazon. you can order things now, at the current price, and then they ship when they arrive. i may wait and see if babyuniverse releases more tomorrow, though, so i can use the visasaves coupon.


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It orginally listed March 4th as the ship date, but I guess so many people have ordered it, it is going to take 1 to 3 months to ship now :eek: The only bonus to that is if you aren't in a hurry to get it, you should get a pretty good DOM :thumbsup:

I wish they would drop the price of the All Star MA to that match the Mariposa price. That I would definately buy :love:


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It orginally listed March 4th as the ship date, but I guess so many people have ordered it, it is going to take 1 to 3 months to ship now :eek: The only bonus to that is if you aren't in a hurry to get it, you should get a pretty good DOM :thumbsup:

Yep, it's telling me that the ship date is April 7, 2008 - May 6, 2008, so only 1-2ish months :p

Depending on how long it takes, I may have to get a Scenera as a backup.

Now I need to cancel my order from Baby Catalog :cool:


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WOOHOO! I'm so excited...I don't need the seat quite yet and with all the 33lb/35lb RF stuff and the new buckle design, I had decided to wait to buy a newer seat even if I had to pay full price later on. I was even thinking "I wish I could pre-order one at this price and have it shipped later"...and that's exactly what this enabled me to do!! Thank you Laurenc!!

Before I finalized the order I talked to someone at Amazon and she said their warehouse is completely out of stock on the Mariposa and won't have more available until probably April. She said those seats should be brand new ones from Britax with the most recent DOM. :thumbsup: Now I just have to hope that my little peanut stays little enough for her Snugride until the new seat arrives. But even if she outgrows it, we need a back-up seat for MIL's car anyway and we could buy a Scenera or something to bridge the gap. :D


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I gave in. I have a Marathon coming, and I signed up for the CC so it was only $155, who-hoo!! They are claiming it'll ship on March 12th? I'm really hoping it'll have a new DOM, that's the biggest reason we could justify it.

Now I can move DS into the Decathlon once spring hits and move DD into the Marathon. Who-hoo!


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Took a big chance here! I bought the Mariposa from Amazon before knowing if I'll be able to refuse shipment on the Regent.:eek: I'm too afraid the sale is going to end.

Here's what I've spent: $199 Regent in Madison and $185 Marathon in Mariposa. I think I still got 2 good deals even if I can't catch DHL and refuse the Regent... of course I'm basically a carseat storage center and I've just spent $400!!

Just for fun, here are the carseats I will now have:
2 Radians
2 Marathons
2 Regents
2 Parkways
2 Graco Turboboosters
1 Graco Cargo

and throw away 1 expired Roundabout!



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do I have to actually be here when DHL arrives to refuse it? or can I call DHL and tell them to come back and get it if I miss them?


It depends on if they sent it with a signature required or not. If they don't require a signature, they will just leave it, so you would need to be there to refuse it. If they require a signature, they will attempt to deliver it up to three times (I think it's three) if you are not home. They will usually ship it back to the sender after the third non successful try.

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