MA for Xcountry trip or Scenara?


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Stats: DD is 11mo on Wed., 32.5", long torsoed (12.5 last I checked a couple of months ago) and 30 lbs.

We will be taking a crosscountry trip from Oregon to FL with a 2 hour drive to the airport when DD will be almost 13mo. She gained 3 lbs from 9mo-10.5mo but started walking this past week so I'm hoping her weight gain will slow. We will be getting the MyRide65 but haven't yet - she's in a 33lb. MA.

My question is - how well does the MA fit RFing in airplane seats (we're flying Southwest) and is it worth it to lug it around (we will have a stroller for it) or should we just get a Scenara. Scenaras here are something like 59 or 69 bucks fwiw at Walmart :eek:. Besides which, with her weight gain and the fact that we are getting the MR anyway, it would almost be a waste of money since she would most likely only ride in it for the one trip.

What do you guys think?

Erika Ruth

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I love traveling with my Marathon. :) I don't think I've tried to put in RF in an airplane. I just let my kids be FF in an airplane. However, I am able to put the carseat in my stroller (Maclaren Volo) and travel through the airport like that. :)



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It is possible to get a rf MA in an airplane seat, but it will be rather upright. She may very well be too heavy for it by then too.

Are you planning to have the MR before your trip? I wonder if anyone will have tried it on a plane by then. I expect it would fit and it is certified for use on aircraft.

If you are leaning toward the Scenera, there's a pink one for under $40 shipped on right now. A few people have ordered them and they have May 09 DOMs. :)


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That's a good idea to just FF in the air - I never thought about that. I'm hoping to have the MR before the trip but I've heard it's roughly the same size as the MA so... The only reason I was leaning towards the Scenara is bc it is supposed to be light - but since it's only 35 RFing, and the MA we have is 33 and she will be close to outgrowing that (and she is close to outgrowing the MA by height anyway) I don't think she would be in the Scenara very long at all, you know?

Hmm... maybe I should just plan on getting the MR and take that instead. It looks like it has decent recline.


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If the MA still fits at the time, I'd take it, even if you have the MR, because just in the travel process the seats get dinged and scuffed. It'd stink to have a new seat get instant wear on it because of one trip.


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I actually prefer to continue to rearface in the plane. It is so much easier to entertain your child, they sleep well, and there are fewer opportunities for them to drop toys.

Here is a video of Jordan rearfacing in January on a southwest flight.

(Remember, when you get on the plane, keep in mind the time of day and direction of airtravel, then choose the side of the plane away from the sun)


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I'm hoping she will continue to fit - she only gained 3 lbs. between 6-9mo and then the 3 between 9 and 10.5 mo, so she may slow down until the next growth spurt hits. I'm going to RF (also so I don't have to pick up toys from under the next seat!) plus, I can nurse her in seat if need be that way. I'm seriously SO glad we are getting the extra plane seat for her! Also, great note about the sun - last time we flew with her (3mo) she slept almost the entire way, it was insane. I'm hoping that maybe she will take some nice naps.

So for those of you that took the MA, was it hard to get it into position on the plane? Or did it install decently? Do I need to ask for a seatbelt extender?


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It is very easy to install on the plane. Just lift the armrest up before you install it. It is easier to install if you route the lapbelt over the cover, but we discovered the downside to that, the big bulky buckle ended up right under his boy parts, and he was not very comfortable, so we pulled off one of the shoulder pads and shoved it over the buckle to cushion it. On the flight back, I routed the belt under the cover, and he had no comfort issues.


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We took my Marathon for my son at Christmas time. It rear-faced fine on the plane (not Southwest, unfortunately. I have no interest in riding SOuthwest with kids.)

We are going to Florida in September and I recently bought a Scenera for that trip. But after installing/travelling with it one trip in my car, I am seriously considering taking the Marathon on the plane. It's SO much more comfy, and I'm much more comfortable with the install. And the difference in weight is not THAT bad.

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