Looking for a new all-terrain stroller...


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When CJ was about a year old I bought a wonderful Graco stroller. It was called the OutRider and it has served me well oh these many years through much use and abuse, including loading it up with two kiddos. It had a HUGE package basket, PLUS a net bag on the back of the seat, large rubber tires, a nice suspention, ect. The only places it didn't steer perfectly (even with 50+ lbs of toddler in it) were sand and small spaces (like tiny shopping aisles.)

Sadly, I think those days are done. I took my kids + Joyjoy's best friend to a local park Monday (http://www.maymont.org) and as we were going back to the car I hit a bump and the front wheel fell apart. With assistance I managed to get it back together, but I doubt there will be any more doubling up on it.

DH thinks he can permanently fix it, but I'm pretty sure it's time to look for a replacement.

*sigh* everything I've found even remotely comperable has been $300 and up. Dh is gonna have a cow....


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You are right-- all-terrain strollers are PRICEY. The ones that are fairly reasonably priced weigh a ton!

I wish I had some suggestions for you for reasonably-priced, reliable, well-built strollers. My favorite two strollers right now (at least for lust, I have never actually used either of these strollers!) are two rather expensive ones:

Quinny Buzz


i'coo pico

They are super cool. I especially love the Pico. Look at those cool color combinations! :) It is too bad I have never actually used either stroller. I have seen them being used by other people, though... :eek:


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The Quinny is cool, but no package space, and I love the i'coo, but I can get the Schwinn Free Wheeler 2 for the same price and not actually be abusing my stroller when I load A & Joyjoy up in it at the same time.....Plus I need a higher-weight stroller b/c my kids use the stroller through K and Joyjoy is 35 lbs already, and projected to hit 40 by the end of the year at her current growth rate.

We are actually repalcing both my OutRider and my Air 6 (which is only rated to 40 lbs). If I can convince dh, I'll end up with a nice jogger with a front swivel wheel and a Mac Volo. Although the Manhattan DLX and Manhattan Lite are looking awfully nice....


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How about the BOB Revolution? It has a weight capacity of 70 pounds and comes in some cool colors (I am loving the Orange and Citrus! :))

The Manhattan Deluxe is also awesome, as you mentioned. I love that 100 pound weight limit!

TheE3 is another cool stroller, but if JoyJoy is going to be your last child, you may not get a lot of use out of its coolest feature- the second seat. Unless, of course, the friend you bring on walks is a peanut. If the friend is a peanut, the E3 may be a good stroller- the 2nd seat has a 33 pound capacity when used on the back of the stroller, a 55 pound capacity when used on the front of the stroller. I think the main seat's capacity is 88 pounds??

Unfortunately all 3 of these strollers have small (if any) package space...

Good luck with your decision!


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Yeah, I can get the Manhattan Delux for less than the BOB HERE, and it has the 100 lb limit so if I need to I can "ghetto double" with it without overloading it. (Because I really don't need a double all the time.)
The E3 is really cool , but A is only a couple of pounds lighter than Joyjoy, and barring Divine Intervention, she's our last.
The lack of package carrier sucks, but I can't findf anything like I want with a large package carrier. :(


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I do love my Pico 4, but more for indoors...the wheels tend to be very clackity, even on sidewalks...so we push it around the house...if we ever go to the mall again, it'd be great there, LOVE the big basket!!! I think the Infinity (newer model) has the rear air wheels, and that'd be better outdoors, but I haven't seen the package tray.

What about a Jeep or Schwinn? Craigslist for a Mountain Buggy?


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I was looking at the Schwinn double, but I think I've convinced Cam to go with the Manhattan DLX. He likes the weight limit and the 20 yr frame warrenty. LOL

There's an Emmalite on Stroller Swap for $50.....shipping to our area is only $14....hehehe...boy am I tempted, but I promised him I'd downsize to just two...the pink Mod Quest and the Manhattan....LOL


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I have a never been used Graco Outrider sitting in my storage shed. I bought it new before my twins we ever born because my sister had one and I loved it. Obviously, I never got to use it when I had the twins. Even being the stroller snob that I am now, I always held out in hopes of using it one day. Well it doesn't appear if that is going to happen. There were 2 versions of it. When it first came out it didn't have swivel wheels on the front. This one does have the swivel wheels. I would be willing to part with it if your interested. Email urmysunshinex3@yahoo.com



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I LOVED my Outrider! That was one of my favorite strollers with my first 3 kids. Do you have a picture of it? It might help people get an idea of what it is.

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