Logistics of flying with 3 kids and 1 adult

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That's an interesting option. I hadn't thought of that, thanks :)

And no they don't provide breakfast; I'm taking food with me to feed them on the plane.


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But if you bring a luggage cart with you, and a bungee cord, you can put the Radian on open, put in the CCO and diaper bag, and bungee it all together. You can get a cart and bungee at Walmart or Target for about $20.

Do you think that you could bungee a carseat to a luggage cart, and then safely transport a child in the carseat? It seems like the same concept as a GoGo Travelmate, but would be a lot cheaper. I have a Britax Boulevard 70 and am trying to figure out how I'm going to haul it through the airport.



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Impressive! I'm guessing that you just gate check the luggage cart (or the GoGo Travelmate) once you start boarding the plane? I'll have to check with the airline to see if they charge extra to check something like that...I would assume they wouldn't since I don't think that they charge to check a stroller (at least, they didn't last time I flew, but fees change all the time!!)


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No, I folded it up and put it in the overhead. It folded to about 15" long by 12" wide by 4" thick. It easily fit up above.


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I have wheeled a kid in a seat on a cheap luggage cart too. With the alligator style LATCH clips, they snap right onto the frame if the luggage cart.

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I did a 'dry run' tonight with the seats. I was waffling between the CA for comfier sleeping and the Radian for the use of the tray table.

The CA on the luggage cart. It was awkward and a bit tippy as it wasn't flush upright. The CCO is held on with the bungie that came with the luggage cart.

I "installed" the Complete Air on the luggage cart using the LATCH clips snapped to the frame. I also top tethered it for extra stability.

The Radian 'installed' on the cart

The Radian was much more stable and hardly tippy at all. With the wings shoved down all the way, the Coccoro fit nicely upside down.

ETA: I tried one more thing: folded the Radian, installed with LATCh like I did above, and then I hung the CCO upside down off the front and used the LATCH belt (in the RF belt path) and clipped it to the LATCH storage spot on the Radian. Then I ran the bungee around through the FF belt path. Very secure, and corners without tipping at all. I think I'll do this.


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I'm another who prefers to sit 2 and 2. I'd put you and baby in one row, your oldest and second in front of you. You'll be able to keep an eye on them, and if the seating is staggered (like on Southwest) it'll be in easier reach than if you're "across" from each other.

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That actually might work better for Mali, too, as she could lean on the window. I bought her a neck pillow and was thinking she could lean on Scarlett's seat but she would probably be more comfortable leaning against the window.


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In order for Mali to get a window seat, you will have to be sitting with her and the two littles will have to be in the other row.


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I wore my son in the moby wrap through the security check points in Maine and In Denver. It really helped with shoving everything through the scanner! learned my lesson from not wearing him through the first time and had a full container of water. They made me leave dump the water and go back through.

Anywho, no one gave me any trouble with the moby. I think other carriers are more structured which...is somehow more suspicious?

I didn't even think of getting a cart for that! I am just going to use the harness of my quinny zapp to hold my sons car seat and wear him in the Ergo to go through the airport this summer!


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Another alternative to using the luggage cart is to use a wheeled carry on and strap the carseat to that. Basically like this picture.

[ame="http://www.amazon.com/Traveling-Toddler-Seat-Travel-Accessory/dp/B000JHN3AS/ref=pd_cp_ba_1"]Amazon.com: Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory: Baby[/ame]

I read one reviewer who just took a d-ring from a hardware store, clipped the top teather and latch straps over and around the carry used the D-ring to hold it all together. They do recommend using a good carry on with nice wheels, and filling it full so that the seat doesn't sag.

I am thinking of doing this when I fly this summer with all three kids and 2 seats.

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That's a great idea for one seat, not sure how it would work with two sears though.

We all made it, but it was miserable and I won't be doing that again anytime soon!

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