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I was at BRU today looking for a lightweight stroller that folds compactly to keep in the back of my Xterra for DS. I played with the Graco Mosaic LX, the Maclaren Triumph, and the Britax Preview. I liked the Graco Mosaic, but it was the heaviest of all the strollers, and I did not like the fact that the peek-a-boo plastic in the canopy does not have a cover to keep the sun from coming in. The Macleren was very light, but DH and I just didn't like the look or feel of it. IMHO, it seemed pretty sparse for the price and just felt and looked like a glorified umbrella stroller. But, it was incredibly light at 11lbs, so that was a definite plus. Finally, we looked at the Britax Preview. This stroller is only $10 more than the Mosaic, and 17lbs. I ended up buying the Preview, because the handle height and grip are very comfortable, and I could steer it with one hand easily. I found it very easy to fold and unfold, and it folds pretty compactly. The seat has a 4-position recline, just like my full-sized Graco Quattro Tour. There is a decent amount of room in the storage area, but no cup holder for the adult, which would bother DH more than me. I still have to test it out at the grocery or the mall, but I think I am going to be happy with it. If not, I'll give the Preview to DH to keep in his trunk, and I'll go and buy something else to keep in my car! LOL

Also, if anyone has a Preview already, could you please tell me what the D-Ring looking-things on the side of the waist straps are? The manual makes no mention of their use.


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I can't wait to hear your comments on the Preview once you have used it more. I haven't heard much about it.

~Jodi Soon to be mom to 4 boys..yikes and 1 Princess


OK, I've used the Preview three times so far and I LOVE it so much more than my Graco Quattro Tour stroller and my Kolcraft Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited stroller. I'm not using it for walks around the neighborhood, that is what the Jeep stroller is for. But I used it at the grocery store when DH and I went grocery shopping (he pushed cart, I pushed stroller LOL). I also used it at a local indoor mall, and at a local open-air market. To me, it feels very lightweight, so it was a breeze to load and unload from the back of my Xterra. I was able to fold and unfold the Preview in about 20 seconds. I LOVE how easy it is to turns on a dime and can easily be pushed and steered with one hand. DH and I are so loving the handle height and grips. The handle grips are WAY better the than the padded bar on my other strollers, so much more comfortable! Jeremy fell asleep in the Preview, so I was able to test out the recline reclines completely flat, and the mechanism to recline the seat is very easy to use. Overall, I am just so happy with this stroller! I hope that we'll be able to get alot of use out of it before Jeremy outgrows it.


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I forget to sign in too!

Thanks for the feedback, I have a Companion for this baby and trying decide which stroller to buy. Of course I don't "need" a stroller for baby #5 but a new baby = new stroller right :)


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Glad you like it! I'm always on the hunt for more strollers to covet :). Yeah, the entire point of a maclaren (the *inventor* of the umbrella stroller) is to be the ultimate driving's like a bmw, literally... just fine pushing and steering and a pretty comfy seat, no extras, no weight (and the triumph isn't the best of them, it has too shallow of a seat... the quest or techno are better for heavier ones, the Volo is da bomb for lightweight convenience). I have a Volo that's an original 2002 model and saw my first dd through 3 years, and will be in great shape for my next dd.
But anywho...I loved the Britax Esprit when I pushed it around last year, too, so I bet the Preview is just as nice! (I'm using my Mountain buggy for walks, and I have my I'coo Pico 4 for in the house and for the mall if I EVER get to the mall again, rofl!)

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